Central Inverter at Intersolar 2023


The modularity and redundancy of ZGR Corporación’s 3.3 MW 1500 Vdc central inverter were the focus of attention of professionals at Intersolar 2023. This redundant modularity, which is one of its main differentiating elements, is a solution designed to achieve the highest productivity in its category. In addition, its innovative cooling system and its flexibility and easy change of modules in case of failure make it an equipment with very low operating costs and, therefore, with a very good OPEX performance.


n the words of Eduardo Ibáñez, business director of the energy line of ZGR Corporación: “Many developers and European and global IPP´s, some of them linked to Investment Banking, Pension Funds or Family Offices, are specialized in the development and execution of a very limited portfolio of utility scale projects per year on which a very high level of productivity is required. The maintenance personnel for this type of PV infrastructure tend to be highly specialized and versatile, and to a certain extent, with a high turnover; the fact that our 3.3 MW 1500 V Central Inverter allows, for example, a faulty module to be changed by no more than two people and in just 15 minutes, while the rest of the modules continue to operate, is a solution that responds very well to their casuistry and problems and which they have received with great interest”.

This redundant modularity (allowing faulty inverters to be replaced while the others continue to operate) is a growing demand from the large utilities scale sector and has therefore been one of the focal points of our innovation.

In addition, in order to accelerate and implement the photovoltaics hybridization with battery energy storage, with this inverter can be used to divert different modules to photovoltaic production and others to storage. Therefore, it can operate bidirectionally, responding to both functionalities.

Germán Rincón, technical manager of Energy, considers that “in a market as competitive as the photovoltaic market, offering a differential design and truly innovative functionalities is leading us to increasingly find a place and recognition in the energy sector. At ZGR, as a technology company with its own manufacturing, we know that our differentiation comes from the robustness, flexibility, reliability and high productivity of our equipment. We are truly disruptive if we analyze the OPEX. For us, it is the most important indicator if we think in the medium term and the amortization of the units”.

This unit between string and central has been tested to operate in the most extreme conditions and is one of the most compact on the market.

Growth in the european market

For the second consecutive year, ZGR has chosen Intersolar as the place to present its innovations and new photovoltaic inverters. The result has been very satisfactory and has given the company international visibility.

In addition to the new central inverter, ZGR also presented its complete range of solar inverters, from the smaller ZGR SOLAR STR 30/40/50 string for commercial self-consumption to the ZGR SOLAR STR 100/120/200/250 kW – 1100 V and 1500 V series, ideal for Industrial PV Self-consumption, Energy Communities, Microgrids, solar plants in areas with difficult topography and for small and medium-sized utilities.

Modularity, aso in hybrid storage and generation

In hybridization as well as in generation, the ZGR storage systems continue to arouse the interest of customers and visitors and were another major attraction at our stand, along with the new range of electric chargers for mobility.

It should be noted that the ZGR SOLAR CTRh 3.3 Inverter shares more than 90% of its components with the ZGR PCS 1500V bi-directional energy storage inverter, thus consolidating the optimization of OPEX in PV power plants with associated energy storage.

EThe balance of Intersolar 2023 for ZGR Corporación has been positive and allow us to consolidate the good reception of the new launches.

There is great investor interest and ZGR is prepared to respond with its own technology and production to the current high demand for photovoltaic equipment and systems. Its extensive experience in power electronics and in solutions for energy transmission and distribution are its best guarantee in a sector, the photovoltaic sector, which is set to play a fundamental role in driving the electrification of the economy.


About ZGR Corporación

ZGR CORPORACIÓN S.A. is a business group specializing in the design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of robust, reliable and highly productive solutions for the integrated management of electrical energy.

Manufacturer since 1998, it is an international benchmark in power electronics, especially in the development of intelligent systems and grid quality, as well as in hybrid and modular energy storage, based on batteries.

It has four main areas of specialization: Industry, Transmission and Distribution, Energy (Photovoltaic) and Electric Mobility. As a manufacturer, one of its elements of differential value is its technical service and manufacturing guarantees. It has a large number of national and international certifications and approvals for its activity.

Its headquarters are in Vitoria and it has branches in Madrid, San Sebastian and Valencia. Internationally, it has branches in Mexico and Colombia with local technical service in these areas. It develops projects and markets its products all over the world.


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