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5 reasons to hire the technical services of ZGR Corporación

Why do our technical services set us apart?  ZGR Corporación manufactures power electronics equipment, offering excellent technical support services. Why is this so important? Because we provide customised, swift and high quality technical support for our customers. Having an in-house technical support service offers a number of substantial advantages for our customers. This article explains how.


From the ad hoc development of technological solutions, to device maintenance to the integrated support service for our customers, which enables us to optimise functionalities. ZGR Corporación’s technical services are so valuable for five reasons:

  1.  Extensive product knowledge: With its complete knowledge of our equipment, our technical team can provide precise diagnostics and swift solutions.
  2. Swift problem solving: No more endless waiting for equipment from international manufacturers. Our technical service guarantees minimum customer downtime for replacing parts, maintenance or repairs.
  3. Customised support: Do you require help? We are here for you. We adapt to your specific needs. 24/7, 360 days a year. Our defining qualities are our extensive technical expertise, self-sufficiency, personnel flexibility, prompt responses, vocation and culture.
  4. Constant quality control: Feedback from our service teams is used on an ongoing basis to constantly improve the quality of our products.
  5. Effectiveness and efficiency: Direct communication between our engineering and technical services teams guarantees the prompt and efficient resolution of any problems.

ZGR Corporación is committed to the utmost productivity, flexibility and robustness of our equipment, striving to maximise the returns on our customers’ investments.

Technical Services: The advantages of maintaining critical components to extend the service life of electro-intensive installations

When it comes to maintaining power electronics equipment, some faults can be efficiently anticipated without having to take complex measurements. The service life of certain components is already fairly reliably known in advance. This is true, for example, for both AC and DC capacitors.

Accordingly, ZGR Corporación’s technical services department recommends replacing critical components before the end of the estimated service life of the equipment in question for a number of reasons:

  • It extends the service life of the installation. Whilst critical components have a service life of between 6 and 8 years, the equipment of most generation, industrial or electricity distribution installations are expected to have a much longer service life.
  • It guarantees installation availability. Planning component replacement procedures allows for this work to be carried out during downtimes or when it is most opportune for the installation. Risking not carrying them out could result in downtime or unavailability at any other time.
  • Cost savings. Besides the savings that guaranteeing availability implies, savings made for all the other components that could be affected in the event of a fault are also important. When capacitors reach the end of their service life, they could explode, leading to damages not only to the components themselves but also to other nearby items.

ZGR provides a critical component replacement service. The modularity of our equipment makes it possible to remove parts of the equipment (power modules), temporarily replace them with others to guarantee constant equipment operation, and replace the critical components in the removed module, to set it back in service at the appropriate time.

Contact us today to find out how we can customise our solutions to suit your project, including commissioning services and subsequent corrective and preventive maintenance.

Your energy is our challenge. We will maximise the productivity of your facilities through our technical services.

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