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EFISOEC : Research and analysis for the development of a proprietary SOEC technology for the generation of efficient hydrogen production systems.

The world energy scenario is still based on the use of fossil fuels, both in the production of electricity and in its us...

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Design and development of a new power converter with advanced cooling technologies.

esarrollado Reducción del ciclo de vida productivo Design and development of a new power converter with advanced coolin...

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SmartGrid with electronic converter and generator set

The increasing penetration of renewables in electricity generation, together with the discordant characteristics of thes...

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New innovative, verifiable and scalable cybersecurity technologies for the electricity sector

The electricity grid is growing towards a Smart Grid infrastructure due to the energy transition, the decentralisation o...

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Eco-design of enclosures for power stations

Description Over the last few years the installation of outdoor power conversion equipment has been in high demand, main...

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Battery rectifier-charger for the safe electrical sector

ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN seeks to adapt its products to the new regulatory frameworks on cybersecurity in order to consolidate...

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Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies

NETfficient develops a sustainable energy management system, thanks to the integration of intelligent energy storage sys...

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Smart, modular and interoperable hybrid energy storage system for stationary applications

The main goal of the iSTORMY project is to develop a low cost, modular, efficient, (industrial) solution for stationary ...

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