ZGR Manifesto


Energy makes the world go round; it is the epicentre that transforms our society and allows it to develop. Your energy creates quality of life and richness. Your energy brings about progress. We will help you create more robust, better quality and lasting energy. Guaranteeing your vision is our motto.

Your energy is our challenge.


We are a company that specialises in developing reliable, robust and productive solutions for the comprehensive management of electrical energy, thus maximising its value for our customers. And we do it through our design capacity based on modularity and on our own engineering and manufacture with the highest quality standards. We stand out through our personalised technical service and our ongoing search for partnerships to explore new business models based on the technologies we are proficient in.

We explore new solutions that overcome the need to improve efficiency to overcome the energy challenges and meet the new demands of an increasingly electric future. We contribute to improving the quality of electricity supply in a cost-effective way. And we facilitate the use of clean and sustainable energyies

We are experts in power electronics, the core principles of electrical energy conversion and management. Our knowledge and experience has made it possible for us to work closely with our customers - who we consider partners - working together to develop comprehensive solutions, whilst at the same time maintaining our specialist expertise.


We dream of a future with an uninterrupted, incident-free and safe electricity supply that allows for maximum savings to be made with regard to energy use and which also drives advanced, robust, intelligent, modular and hybrid infrastructures, as these are what are required for a freer, fairer and more competitive model of society. In this hyper-connected and interdependent world, where energy runs everything and paces progress, the pursuit of energy efficiency is our corporate ethos.

We endeavour to guarantee optimum management of renewable and quality electrical energy across the entire chain: generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. Our commitment to creating value through technological development and innovation an ongoing process: working hand in hand with customers and in collaboration with employees and suppliers, we strive to create a diverse and innovation-rich ecosystem. We believe this to be essential in order to be able to explore new applications and business models based on knowledge and technology.

We are allies of all new comers to the world of renewable and quality electrical energy.


We are proud of our ambition, non-conformism and always being vigilant: ready to rise to challenges, with commitment, a mindset towards growth and permanent transformation. Our market is our world. We are flexible and global: we are proud to be manufacturers and design tailor-made solutions.

We create employment and social richness. We are a permanent magnet for talent. We offer innovation and are committed to creativity. We strive to provide a high quality service; the best service. Fast, providing guarantees, ensuring quality and a close relationship with our customers. Technical care and immediacy with regards to support is another aspect that accompanies and supplements our solutions.

We have reinvented ourselves to form a company made up of flexible, transparent, honest, generous, optimistic, brave and inclusive people. We lead through experience and authenticity. We combine youth and experience with a common foundation: knowledge. For us, inclusion also means intergenerational collaboration.

Confidence, Cooperation and Commitment are the three "C's" that describe ZGR's relationships and people. We believe in the importance of building and creating alliances and we are motivated by a long-term philosophy that centres on people. Zigor's relationship values are an essential part of our transformation.