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PCS 3200
Inversor trifásico con la última tecnología bidireccional

ZGR PCS 3200

BIDIRECTIONAL INVERTER. ZGR PCS has advanced grid stabilization and regulation functions

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ZGR PCS is a three-phase inverter with the latest bidirectional technology. The objective of the equipment is to convert the energy of the grid into energy in batteries and return it when there is energy demand.
This system facilitates the integration of renewable energies and allows reducing
investments in the grid to improve its stability or demand growth.
Thanks to its different operating modes, ZGR PCS offers grid operators and other grid agents an integral tool for a more flexible energy distribution by regulating power, voltage and frequency, guaranteeing the availability of the electrical grid; it also has Black-Start function, increasing the manageability of the energy within
the installation. In addition, Outdoor solutions are a perfect solution for large-
scale storage projects.

Ficha Técnica
  • Automatic operation modes • Frequency control • Black-Start (island mode) • Active energy reserve • Voltage control • Active / Reactive power control
  • Quick response to set point changes
  • Wide range of working temperatures, from 0 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Scalable, parallel equipments
  • AC protections: • Short-circuits and overcharges • Overvoltages and low voltages
  • DC protections • Overvoltage
  • AC and DC isolator integrated
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Local monitoring via LCD screen
  • Remote monitoring via Web Server
  • Supports various communications standards: SNMP, TPC/IP
  • Other communication standard on demand: IEC 104, etc.
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