ZGR promocionará en Intersolar Europe 2024 su nueva generación de inversores centrales de alta potencia

Intersolar 2024: ZGR’s commitment to launching its new generation of high-power central inverters on the market

  • The new CTRh 3300 central inverter can be adapted to the individual characteristics and changing requirements of each photovoltaic project, through its modular design and flexibility, enabling high scalability and consequently medium and long-term financial benefits
  • Robust, flexible and highly productive, its power modules can either operate in an integrated manner as inverters for PV power production or as a bi-directional battery charger (PCS) for energy storage projects.
  • ZGR will be at stand B3,678 at Intersolar Europe, the world’s major fair in this sector, which will take place in Munich from 19-21 June, 2024.



The new CTRh 3300 Central Inverter that ZGR Corporación will promote as its star product at Intersolar 2024 is so much more than just a device to convert direct current into alternating current. This device can supply renewable energy during the day and function as a “statcom” at night time to manage reactive energy, if the electrical system so requires.

Robust, it is designed so that should a possible event occur, the device will not sustain any major damage, guaranteeing the integrity of the asset and its repairability.

Flexible, it is designed to be configured in accordance with the requirements of the photovoltaic plant, with 1 or 2 MPPT, which can be adapted to connection to the different voltage levels of the electrical transport/distribution grids.

Highly productive, its modularity means that our main inverter can continue partially operative even if any issues arise with part of the equipment. Its design allows for the power modules to be changed in under 20 minutes, preventing energy production losses and guaranteeing ROI for the photovoltaic plant.

Its design shares the power and control modules with the bi-directional battery charger (PCS) for storage systems, optimising the stock of required spare parts and lowering operational costs.

The new CTRh 3300 central inverter, which is certified and approved to be sold on the EU market, is also being developed for a power of 4500 kW.

Intersolar Europe 2024, the world’s leading trade fair in its category, will take place in Munich (Germany) from 19 to 21 June, 2024. ZGR Corporación will be exhibiting at stand 678 in Hall 3.

Intersolar 2024: ZGR Corporación will be exhibiting at stand B3.678.

High-power central inverters

This new generation of central inverters is ZGR’s way of responding to the demands and trends of the European market, where the renewables sector is rapidly growing (more than 40% in the last two years) and where users are demanding that modern inverters comply with grid codes and do not lead to instability as a result of transient events, as they play a crucial role in the transition to a renewable energy-based power supply system.

While conventional power grids are currently responsible for maintaining voltage and frequency stability on power lines, the increase and diversification of renewable energy sources calls for new photovoltaic plants to include storage systems that assume this task to ensure the stability of new smart and distributed power grids, to which end our PCS 3300 has been designed to meet the international requirements of the different “utilities.”

In response to this requirement, the new CTRh 3300 modular central inverter and our PCS 3300 have been designed to meet the most demanding photovoltaic generation and energy storage project requirements.

Inversores centrales de alta potencia - Pruebas del CTRh 3300 en ZGR Corporación

Flexibility and modularity for scalability

Besides being able to be used for functional applications of this type of product, the new ZGR central inverter can be customised and adapted to the individual characteristics and changing requirements of each photovoltaic project, through its modular design and flexibility, enabling high scalability and consequently medium and long-term financial benefits.

The ZGR SOLAR CTRh 3300 central inverters comply with various regulations in order to meet response requirements to voltage dips without disconnection.

They have a high power density per unit of volume, making a significant reduction possible of the space required for the implementation of PV inverters at utility-scale plants.

Their innovative cooling system means that the equipment can operate in extreme temperatures, increasing both productivity and efficiency.

Simple installation, operation and maintenance

This new range of high-power central inverters which ZGR will be exhibiting at Intersolar 2024 are also simple to install, operate and maintain, for maximum productivity and returns on investment. Key components, such as power blocks, can be replaced in 20 minutes when required.

Communications and digitalisation

The device’s excellent communication and interconnectivity capacities are further defining features that set it apart as a state-of-the-art inverter. It features communication outputs (Modbus TCP), with Ethernet connection, which offer various benefits, from the easy system configuration start-up, generation visualisation and rapid management monitoring and control data exchange.

String inverters for energy communities, agrovoltaics, floating plants, industries and Utility Scale

ZGR Corporación will also be exhibiting at Intersolar with its entire STRING inverters power range, intended for energy communities, agrovoltaics, floating plants, industries and utility scale.

It will also be sharing various storage project success stories related to all its different fields and the possibilities of its own technical service, a feature that sets this manufacturer apart.



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