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Estrategia Empresarial highlights ZGR Corporation´s growth plans for the coming years

Estrategia Empresarial published an extensive report on ZGR Corporación. The report highlights the company’s growth and its strong commitment to innovation and technological development. It also reports on the Company’s vision and outlines the main lines of the new recently approved 2024-2026 Strategic Plan. “We have consolidated the progress made in recent years and increased investment to revive our growth trend in the new business plan,” said Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR.

ZGR Corporación’s new 2024 – 2026 Strategic Plan calls for a turnover of €200 million by the end of 2026 and a production of 4 GW/year.

This growth, which is ten times the current turnover, is the result of our strong commitment to innovating new products and solutions, penetrating the North American market through a new partnership with local shareholders and an ambitious investment plan in new infrastructures, digitalisation and automation of processes and recruitment of talent, which are the main drivers of this marked growth.

More than 10% of the annual budget is allocated to innovation

Being a technology-based company, ZGR allocates more than 10% of its annual budget to investments in innovation and technological development. Its investment will exceed €15m in the coming years.

“In 2024 alone, we will invest more than 8 million euros out of an estimated year-end turnover of 20 million euros,” says the company’s CEO. Of the 93 current employees (not including manufacturing) making up ZGR’s workforce, 33 are devoted full time to innovation, highlighting how important this area is to the company.

This year, besides inaugurating the new branch in the USA, which joins those ZGR already has in Mexico and Colombia, the company will also expand the facilities at its technological development centre and testing laboratories in Valencia, doubling their capacity. And production capacity expansion has not been ruled out.

This is required in order to carry out the substantial product development plans that are underway, including, among others:

  • The development of a new range of 3,3 and 4.5 MW 1500 modular central inverters
  • The development of hybrid and modular storage systems: 3.3 MW and 4.5 MW 1500 V PCS
  • A new TPS-500 as part of the framework agreement with Iberdrola
  • A new 480 VA low-power DVR specifically for Latin America, as part of the framework agreement with Schneider Colombia.
  • Smart electric chargers, with ultrafast charging (350 kW) and 1 MW centralised charging.
  • Electrolyser research, as part of the R&D efforts undertaken with Repsol.

During the interview, Iñigo Segura stresses ZGR’s distinguishing features: “We are committed to providing flexible, robust and highly productive products and solutions.”  And he stresses that: “Our know-how allows us to access new sectors across the board.”

We are committed to providing flexible, robust and highly productive products and solutions.

Estrategia Empresarial highlights penetration in the US market

The report points out how the new Strategic Plan “combines a forward-looking approach without forgetting the company’s origins.” Accordingly, such as the new US branch recently set up with local shareholders, drive significant growth, especially in the photovoltaic energy sector.

However, traditional businesses are also experiencing significant growth with business lines such as transmission and distribution, where ZGR is a partner of major energy distributors and marketers, as well as with Industry, providing a wide range of power supply safety and grid quality solutions in energy-intensive sectors.

Attracting young talent

Another topic covered in the interview was the recent creation of the ZGR-UPV Power Electronics chair to promote vocational studies and an increase in the number of engineering students specialising in this technology, which will undoubtedly play a strategic role given the energy transition and increasing electrification of the economy.

“With this department, we want to take things a step further,” says Íñigo Segura, “and create a new kind of pool where we can focus on recruiting young talent, which is another of our main lines of action, investing and acquiring the best talent we need to respond to the significant growth we will experience.”

To read the full interview and learn more about ZGR’s business plans and vision, click here (link to the interview).

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