Premio Arizmendiarrieta-Anua

Íñigo Segura: “The Arizmendiarrieta-Anua award recognises our management approach”

ZGR Corporación recently received the Arizmendiarrieta- Anitua award, which recognises the company’s commitment to the values and management practices recommended in the Inclusive Participatory Business Model (MIPE), with special emphasis on its contribution to business development in Álava.

To occasion of this event, Diario de Noticias de Álava interviewed our CEO, Íñigo Segura, who provided in-depth insight into ZGR’s management model and the values that drive its corporate culture.

During the interview, Iñigo Segura explained that for ZGR, “this award recognises our management approach, particularly our commitment to people and the values that define our corporate culture.”

The CEO of ZGR also stressed the importance of, “the integration of different groups and sensibilities’ in the company, as well as the effort to ‘establish a more horizontal and cohesive team culture’, factors that have remained the same since his appointment as CEO of the company.

ZGR, and inclusive and participatory culture

The interview saw Íñigo Segura point out how the inclusive business model came about at ZGR with the change in management, following the majority shareholder changes in 2017, something that ‘became more clearly established in the Strategic Plan prepared in 2018’, when the culture and values of the company were established.

“This award acknowledges the efforts made to build an inclusive and participatory culture over many years, and spurs us on to continue in the same direction.”

The CEO places particular emphasis on how ZGR’s project is: “A project that team members feel they can contribute to through their commitment to its success and also to success in their own careers.”

To this end, “we have set collective goals, taking account of all employees’ ambitions, ongoing communication, full accessibility, rigour and reason as decision-making tools, transparency and commitment in information and decisions, integrity and ethics as the basis of our conduct towards each other and towards all concerned parties.”

Transformation comes through leadership (based on commitment and setting an example) and perseverance.

In the interview, the CEO of ZGR, Íñigo Segura, explained how employees are part of the company’s decision-making process and how this management policy based on values and a participatory and inclusive model contributes to attracting and retaining talent, at a time like this, when the company is undergoing development and growth, with a firm commitment to innovation and technological development.

We urge you to read it in full.

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