The new ZGR TPS – 500 Voltage Rectifier – Charger will be on the market by the end of 2023

The ZGR TPS – 500 is a solution for increasing efficiency and optimising Smart Grids in electricity distribution.

● Aimed at securing the power supply in automated switchgear, transformer substations and medium-voltage lines, it will be a breakthrough for the modernisation and automation of electricity grids.
● The first orders will be delivered in the first quarter of 2024.

ZGR Corporación is developing a new ZGR TPS – 500 rectifier-charger, a solution designed to contribute to the optimisation of smart grids.

This is a unit for the assured supply of automated medium-voltage (MV) centres and lines, such as switching and distribution centres (MCC), transformer substations (CT), reclosers (REC) and on-grid circuit breakers (OCR) of smart distribution networks.

With the aim of promoting a more sustainable electricity grid and facilitating the integration of renewable energies, ZGR TPS – 500 represents a step forward in the modernization and automation of electricity grids. With its own technology and design, it will be available for sale by the end of this year and the first orders will be delivered in the first quarter of 2024.

Its unique architecture, integrating a battery directly connected to the main output, will ensure uninterrupted power supply and efficient management of both the load and the battery.

Its essential functions include the provision of a continuous and secure power supply, the protection of the equipment against normal operations (start-up, overloads, etc.) and exceptional (short circuits, permanent overloads at the output, etc.) and the optimal management of all types of batteries.

ZGR, a benchmark in smart charger technology (ZGR TPS)

ZGR Corporación is a benchmark in intelligent DC thyristor technology chargers. It is currently the main supplier of thyristor technology chargers for Spanish distribution companies.

“Our commitment to innovation is constant and this new development reaffirms our commitment to providing robust, efficient and reliable solutions that maximise the production of energy and return of investment of our customers” says Victor Peraile, head of ZGR’s Transmission and Distribution business line.

“We are a technology partner that works in cooperation with electricity companies in the search for solutions for the integrated management of electrical energy, with a clear and defined focus on modularity, with high standards of quality and reliability, and with our own engineering and manufacturing,” said Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR Corporación.

The new ZGR TPS – 500 unit on which ZGR’s Innovation department is working represents a significant step towards the modernization, digitalization and automation of electricity grids, key elements for improving the quality of the distribution system and guaranteeing the massive incorporation of renewables, as well as promoting the electrification of the economy and society.


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