UPS: How to maintain the power supply to equipment and computers when the power fails?

UPS: When we are working in the office or at home with our computers we do not perceive small failures or voltage drops that last microseconds. These failures can destroy that document that we are finishing and that has taken us days to make. Or with that video conference with a client thousands of miles away, which has cost us a lot of time to program.

In the domestic area, we do not imagine that the game console which our children are playing with or any other device that uses electrical network can suffer supply failures. Those flaws can lead to a fade to black, in audiovisual terms.

What are the UPS?

To prevent these small “catastrophes” from occurring, solutions exist in the market: the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). They are electrical storage devices that provide power for short periods of time when power fails. In addition, they are able to stabilize the electrical voltage in the equipment and machines connected to them.

They are useful and necessary both in households and in SMEs, industries and enterprises of all kinds. And it is more necessary in situations where power cuts have a great economic impact, such as logistics centers, hospitals, data centers, etc.

The UPS stabilize the electrical voltage and supply electrical power in case of power outages.

A UPS includes an electrical storage unit (battery) and a power supply system. When the main power supply works, the device is in standby mode and charging its battery. However, the moment the power is suddenly interrupted or changed, the UPS stabilizes the voltage or becomes the main power supply. This allows the user’s systems to continue operating normally.

Small Business Market

In the case of ZGR, these devices are intended to attenuate and eliminate electrical disturbances in all types of processes and also safeguard computer systems. Thanks to the UPS, we are able to extend the life of the manufacturing and IT systems, offering each system the ideal tension. Above all, they correct tension and eliminate overvoltages, interruptions, gaps and voltage drops.

ZGR UPS protects PCs in homes and offices, as well as gaming equipment

Among the UPS we offer are those aimed at the small business market (located in offices and homes). They protect PCs in homes, offices and also those intended for gaming. These are the UPS LINE INTERACTIVE devices that:

  • Maximizing the availability of equipment.
  • Minimise energy consumption in uninterruptible power supply systems.
  • Stabilize equipment in case of interruptions.

In this range, ZGR offers three products, the characteristics of which are detailed below.

ZGR QUICK 600-800 VA

  • Solution for protection against distortions of the electrical network for home and office.
  • 6 Schuko sockets and 1 RJ45 socket.
  • 3 sockets protected against power cuts (UPS function).
  • 3 outlets protected against overvoltages to power devices with high current peaks (laser printers, etc.).
  • USB port up to 2A included for charging devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.).


  • Formerly called SAI DEBA.
  • Solution for protection against surges and transients in the electrical network thanks to the latest generation digital technology.
  • With LCD display for network voltage reading and battery status.
  • Schuko socket to avoid adapter cables
  • High battery reliability, with microprocessor status monitoring.

ZGR STEADY 100-1500-2000 VA

  • Formerly called SAI DANUBIO.
  • Solution for improved control and power reliability of critical devices.
  • PURA wave that allows to connect different devices that are not exclusively destined to the computer sector, which extends the range of uses.
  • LCD screen.
  • Very compact tower format, to save space in server rooms, small offices and domestic use.


All of these UPS range equipment can be found in computer warehouses and in the specialized distribution network of electrical products. They are guaranteed for two years and have their own technical advice and service. In ZGR we have a local technical service of high training that covers the different areas of Spain.

You can access more information about this range of UPS.

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