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How storage projects contribute to the economic and social growth of “empty Spain”

The storage projects in “empty Spain”. – In the context of “empty Spain”, where the depopulation and lack of economic opportunities are persistent challenges, energy storage projects are a fundamental pillar for the reactivation and sustainable growth of these areas.

Storage projects in “Empty Spain”. – The implementation of energy storage projects not only accelerates energy transition, but can also contribute to boosting development in local communities.

From the creation of jobs in the installation and maintenance of systems up to the demand for local services and supplies, these projects invigorate the economy and strengthen the business fabric of many rural towns and areas.

The training of local personnel in installation and storage systems not only boosts the economy, but also strengthens the knowledge base and the technical skills of local labour, thus opening new job niches.

In these environments, it is crucial to select technologies that integrate harmoniously with the landscape and minimise the visual or noise impact. Cohabitation with surrounding nature and the maintenance of rural and agricultural areas is possible.

Storage projects in “empty Spain”: diversification and collaboration, the integration of the energy chain

The inclusion of storage technologies involves the participation of  a variety of actors, from energy producers to technological companies and local communities.

This diversification of actors encourages collaboration and creates synergies between different sectors, thus boosting the integrated development of the area and the inclusion of a new sector, energy, among the production sources and resources in disadvantaged environments.

Energy transition and sustainable development

Energy storage projects are essential for facilitating the transition to a more sustainable and decarbonised energy model. Integrating renewable energy sources and advanced storage technology establishes a solid base for the generation and distribution of clean and efficient energy.

As we say in different articles, we are moving towards distributed generation sources and storage is a key element for the viability of smart and distributed electrical grids.

Institutional and financial support for promoting storage projects in “empty Spain”.

Government backing and investments in storage projects in “empty Spain” demonstrates the commitment of institutions in the transformation to the electrification of the economy and its decarbonisation.

Thus, for example, the IDEA (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) has earmarked €150 million in aid for promoting energy storage products. An opportunity for accelerating change.

Furthermore, to meet the goals of the Integrated National Energy and Climate (PNIEC) Plan, a demand of around 20 GW in 2030 and 30 GW in 2050 is envisaged.  Quite a challenge to achieve!

At ZGR Corporación we are proud to contribute to the development of storage in “empty Spain”. Our systems are designed for maximising energy efficiency and obtaining maximum profitability in energy production in order to offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project. And, in turn, contributing to boosting economic and social development. We firmly believe that energy storage is not only a solution for the present, but an investment for a more sustainable future. A solution that, furthermore, can be combined with photovoltaic generation to drive energy decarbonisation.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the development of storage projects in rural areas. Also, we have our own technical service for setting up and continuous maintenance.

Call us because we can advise you on the customised storage solutions that you need, according to your project and infrastructure. We can help you and we love to work together with our customers!

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