ZGR presenta proyectos al PERTE de Enegía

ZGR submits 20 storage projects to the PERTE for Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen and Storage

  • Overall, ZGR has tendered approximately 1,500 MW of power and 3,000 MWh of energy.
  • It collaborates with major clients in the energy sector such as Iberdrola, Naturgy, Cuerva, GFM Fotovoltaica, Univergy and Abei Energy, among others.

ZGR has submitted around twenty storage projects to the Strategic Program for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE). Specifically, to the PERTE for Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen and Storage. It is thus positioned as one of the leading Spanish manufacturers in the development of advanced solutions for energy storage.

In these twenty projects presented in the first phase of PERTE, ZGR has tendered some 1,500 MW of power and 3,000 MWh of energy. And it has done so in collaboration with leading electricity distribution customers such as Iberdrola, Naturgy, Cuerva, GFM Fotovoltaica, Univergy and Abei Energy, etc. These initiatives support ZGR’s corporate vision in achieving the objectives of sustainability and decarbonization, promoting the development of energy storage and large-scale renewable energy projects.

“The PERTEs are a unique opportunity to advance in the energy transition and achieve the targets set for zero emissions in 2050. At the same time, they allow us to consolidate our role in the sector as leaders and benchmark in the development of energy storage solutions and systems”, says Víctor Peraile, head of the Transmission and Distribution line at ZGR Corporación.

ZGR has presented projects in both aspects of storage, both in hybrid plants (in these cases, the BESS -Battery Energy Storage System- is linked to an energy generating plant), and in its standalone area (the BESS is independent and is not linked to any energy generating source, regulating the extraction of energy from the electricity grid according to consumption and supply and demand peaks).

New energy storage solutions: ZGR PCS 300

ZGR’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency is reflected in its latest development, the ZGR PCS 3300. This inverter or PCS combines the best technical features available on the market and the best value for money. It is a robust and reliable solution for the realization of BESS projects. This PCS stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, achieving very high productivity and profitability.

The functionalities that make it unique in its class are; a power output of 3.3 MW, a highly innovative air cooling system and a modular concept consisting of 4 power modules that allow different power configurations and easy replacement for maintenance or repair without shutting down the system. In addition, it is bi-directional. In other words, it can function as a solar inverter or as a storage system.

PERTE: Our contribution to primary frecuency regulation (PFR) in the Canaries islands

Regarding PERTE´s in the Canary Islands, we have quoted 25 MW of power and 68 MWh of energy for Iberdrola, divided into six projects where frequency regulation is the key element. The projects are all for hybridization of solar PV plants.

The Primary Frequency Regulation (PFR) corresponds to the automatic action performed by the speed regulators of the generators, in order to correct instantaneous unbalances between generation and load, thus ensuring the stability of the electricity system.

In the case of Naturgy, we have quoted 10 MW of power and 20 MWh of energy, divided into three projects, also for frequency regulation. All three are also projects for hybridization of solar PV plants.

All these projects demonstrate our capacity to contribute to the modernisation of electricity grids and are included in the second phase of the PERTE programme, aimed at promoting initiatives linked to energy storage and grid security, as well as green hydrogen production facilities, offshore wind and marine energy.

Active player in the energy transition

ZGR TyD positions itself as a strategic partner of large energy distributors for the energy transition and the drive towards the electrification of the economy. Its participation in the PERTE projects reflects its commitment to the development of advanced technological solutions that contribute to the optimization of the energy system and the integration of renewable energy sources.

With extensive experience in the electricity transmission and distribution sector, ZGR, in its Transmission and Distribution (T&D) business line, has established itself as a benchmark in the market, offering high quality equipment and cutting-edge technology.

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