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The world is changing and with it, our energy system. We are moving away from dependence on centralized fossil fuel generation to a more distributed and diversified system. In this new scenario, renewable energy sources play a key role. However, their intermittent nature presents challenges, and this is where energy storage comes into play as a key solution.

In this article, we explain why energy storage has become an essential tool for optimizing the energy system and achieving greater flexibility and efficiency in the use of resources.

Energy storage: greater flexibility and efficiency of electricity infrastructures

Some of the main reasons for a major commitment to energy storage are:

Greater flexibility of the energy system

Energy storage can improve the efficiency and operation of transmission and distribution power stations and substations. By extending the lifetime of existing assets, it achieves greater flexibility and optimizes the use of available energy. In addition, energy generated from renewable sources is efficiently integrated, improving the quality of electricity supply and ensuring grid reliability.

The demand for energy storage systems, some figures

According to the latest report of the European Association for Energy Storage (EASE), energy storage needs to increase to 14 GW/year to reach the target of 200 GW by 2030. Furthermore, it is estimated that to reach the 2050 targets, the EU will need at least 600 GW of storage in its energy system. This reflects the importance and potential growth of this technology in the future.

“Energy storage must increase to 14 GW/year to reach the EU’s target of 200 GW by 2030”.

The two aspects of storage: “stand-alone” projects and hybridisation of plants

Stand-alone” projects:

These are stand-alone storage systems, not connected to a specific energy generating source. Instead, they are connected to the grid and store energy at times of low cost for release at times of high demand and higher prices. These projects are a cost-effective option and generate a return on investment.

Hybridisation of plants:

In this case, the energy storage system (BESS) is connected to a renewable energy generating plant, such as a solar photovoltaic or wind power plant. This combination makes it possible to provide a regulation and Synthetic Inertia service to the grid at the Connection Point, ensuring the stability of the system for a longer period.

ZGR adapts to the specific requirements of each project and client to offer tailor-made solutions.

ZGR’s customised solutions for energy storage

At ZGR, we offer complete and/or partial energy storage solutions according to our customers’ needs. Our approach is to adapt to each project and provide advanced technologies, as well as engineering and commissioning, and supply of spare parts during the warranty period.

The typology of the projects and the size (power in MW and energy in MWh), makes customers request:

  • Complete solutions (turnkey)

    That require the complete supply of the equipment (batteries, inverter or PCS, medium voltage, energy management system or EMS, communications, etc…) plus the integration and commissioning of the system. ZGR, as a manufacturer of its own PCS, quotes these projects, obtaining the rest of the corresponding elements from various suppliers or usual partners, to then carry out the integration (the process of assembling all the parts), the installation of the inverters and the commissioning on site. In addition, we offer the spare parts requested in the scope of the project and, optionally, preventive and corrective maintenance services.

  • Supply and integration of inverters or PCS.

    This solution requires ZGR to supply the inverters and, usually, the medium-voltage skids and the energy management system for the entire system to work. In this case, we also offer the commissioning, maintenance service and the corresponding spare parts for the years specified in the conditions of supply and scope of the project.

With a power output of 3.3 MW, a highly innovative air-cooling system and a modular concept consisting of 4 power modules that allows for different configurations and easy replacement for maintenance or repair, this inverter stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, achieving very high flexibility, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

At ZGR, we firmly believe that the ability to develop robust, highly efficient and reliable energy storage projects is the key to the success of the energy transition.

In addition, to adapt to the new regulation, current electricity infrastructures need to advance in storage technologies.

Without a breakthrough in the final market application of storage technologies and power electronics, which enable the switch from DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current), it will be very difficult to achieve the goal of decarbonization and zero emissions by 2050.

Specialists in energy storage systems, shall we talk?

Our storage systems optimise the use of renewable energy and increase the flexibility and resilience of electricity grids and infrastructures.

If you are interested in tailor-made energy storage solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have extensive proven experience and we make the difference. Shall we talk? Your energy is our challenge.

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