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Hybrid power with storage, a cost-effective strategy

Hybrid power with storage. With the growing need to reduce emissions and move towards energy decarbonization to safeguard the planet, the demand for renewable energy sources has been increasing due to the advantages of not polluting and requiring less maintenance; however, it also challenges by relying heavily on weather and climate conditions, as is the case of solar photovoltaic and wind energy.

In this sense, for ZGR Mexico the way to make electricity generation efficient and cost-effective is the application of hybrid energy solutions that combine various sources of power generation with storage, something that positively impacts industries and has proven to be an effective strategy for delivering clean and efficient energy.

In Mexico and other countries, energy costs are high and continue to rise. Therefore, industries are constantly looking for alternatives to reduce their electricity costs without affecting the efficiency, quantity, or quality of the energy they receive. ZGR’s proposal to achieve this is through hybridization with storage.

Hybrid energy systems are those that generate electricity from two or more independent energy sources.

For example, an energy system that can draw power from the grid and from a solar panel installation; the hybrid installation may or may not include a storage system.

Storage systems, essential in hybrid power solutions

For Iñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR Mexico, energy storage systems are essential for the present and future electricity system and in the current context that requires promoting hybridization, mainly through storage, offering multiple advantages, such as the balance between energy generated and demanded; in addition to ensuring the stability and reliability of the networks, improving the quality of supply and the cost-benefit ratio.

In the case of industry, by having a hybrid power system that incorporates energy storage, they will be able to compensate for the difference that usually occurs during peak load periods and reduce peaks, by supplying their energy needs from their storage sources.

In addition, the use of storage systems allows energy to be stored at times when the cost is lower and used at times when the cost is higher; these examples translate into an economic benefit from different aspects.

ZGR Mexico offers industry advanced energy storage systems to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and reduce grid investment. These systems can improve the stability or growth of demand, providing flexibility and robustness to power generation systems.

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