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Energy storage, a priority for ZGR

Energy storage, together with renewable energies (solar energy), are two of the priorities in the development of ZGR solutions. We understand that they are key to the energy transition and the electrification of the economy.

The evolution from an energy system dominated by centralised fossil fuel generation to a more distributed energy system, with diverse renewable energy sources, it is a clear commitment to energy storage. ZGR is an active player

Why is energy storage a priority?

There are four reasons:

1). Flexibility of the energy system: Storage technologies allow excess energy to be stored and discharged when there is little generation or too much demand. And, in addition, to do so at different times, according to each need: A day, a few hours, a month…

 2). Power stations and substations: Storage can help improve the efficiency and operation of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructures, extending the lifetime of existing assets, making them more flexible and achieving:

  • Better optimise the use of available energy,
  • Improve the quality of electricity supply,
  • Integrate energy generated by renewable sources.
  • Ensure grid reliability

In addition, to adapt to the new regulation, current electricity infrastructures need to advance in storage technologies.

3) Renewables: Energy storage has a very important role to play in renewables, as it allows energy to be stored during generation peaks. This translates into project profitability and efficiency.

Storage is a key element in large-scale solar power plants (Utilitie Scale PV) as well as in self-consumption, whether in industrial or consumer energy communities.

For example, if an industrial company incorporates energy storage systems in its facilities, it will allow it to avoid peaks and provide power to the system as a back-up in the event of a blackout or a power outage, thus ensuring safe, stable and efficient power to its electrical system.

4). Electric mobility: In non-urban areas (motorways, secondary roads in areas of difficult access…) with weak electricity grids, energy storage facilitates the electrical repowering of service areas. If the weak grid quality is reinforced with photovoltaics and storage, the deployment of a very fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is facilitated.

This reality explains why energy storage infrastructures are growing so rapidly. Legislation, industry and the entire energy value chain must work together in this direction.

According to the latest report by the European Association for Energy Storage (EASE), storage needs to increase to 14 GW/year to meet the 200 GW target by 2030. And for the 2050 targets, at least 600 GW of storage is needed in the EU energy system.

Without a breakthrough in end-to-market application of storage technologies and power electronics, which enable the switch from DC to AC, it will be very difficult to achieve the goal of decarbonisation and “0” emissions.

Redes inteligentes ZGR Corporación

ZGR range of applications in energy storage

ZGR has more than 20 years of experience in storage systems and more than 5 years of experience in lithium storage systems for grid regulation and energy management functions.

The needs of the energy system for flexibility, along with the constant evolution of storage technologies and power electronics, mean that the range of ZGR applications in energy storage is constantly renovating. Our list of storage applications will continue to grow.

At present, ZGR solutions in energy storage are characterised by robust solutions that meet the highest levels of energy efficiency:


  • ZGRMS (multi-string) management option.
  • Specific control and protection (BMS) per battery section
  • Independent air-conditioning of the battery section


  • Special high reliability electrical design to maximise MTBF (certified)
  • Design based on quick replacement power modules (< 30 min).


  • ZGRWG system (patented) for weak and ultra-weak grid operation.
  • Compatible with any brand of Lithium batteries


  • Customisable ZGRRM remote monitoring application for easy integration into customer’s SCADAs, control centres or equivalent.
  • Available with ZGRAM system for asset management


  • Voltage Regulation
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Black Start or Island Start
  • Synchronisation with external grid
  • Demand flattening at the point of connection
  • Demand Shifting

Servicio Tecnico ZGR Corporacion


Energy Storage and Service ZGR

As a manufacturer, ZGR has its own technical service, which is able to properly maintain the various components of the storage system:

  • Electronic systems
  • Lithium batteries
  • Communications
  • Climate control
  • Medium Voltage Systems

ZGR experience and success stories in energy storage

ZGR’s accumulated experience over the last 20 years in energy storage, both in generation (photovoltaic) and grid storage, has led it to become a strategic

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partner and key collaborator of large energy companies.

“At ZGR we have a very strong design capability based on modularity, with in-house engineering and manufacturing”

Here are some success stories that demonstrate ZGR’s track record and benchmark in Storage:

Grid storage: Viesgo (EDP group)

ZGR accumulates more than 1,950 kW/h of installed energy in Low and Medium Voltage rural electrical infrastructures, equivalent to 960 kW.

ZGR has developed tailor-made solutions for the needs of Viesgo’s Low and Medium Voltage infrastructures. Among others, the charging and discharging of batteries on the grid or the regulation of voltage and frequency and their integration in the planning and control systems.

Grid storage projects at the San Vicente del Monte (Cantabria), Coto Bello (Asturias) and Río Piquín (Lugo) substations.

Smart microgrids: Iberdrola

ZGR has been approved by Iberdrola to supply 50% of the smart rectifier chargers for its medium-voltage electrical infrastructures.

The contract won is for a period of three years and places ZGR at the forefront of electricity transmission and distribution solutions. It also makes it a keyAlmacenamiento de energía - Iberdrola - Proyecto ZGR Corporación player in driving the energy transition through the incorporation of distributed energy smart microgrids.

Some reference projects of our collaboration with Iberdrola are:

El Hornico substation (Caravaca, Murcia) Distribution grid: Caravaca (250 KW/175 KWh). One of the first battery storage systems for distribution grids in Spain. This system is capable of operating in both grid-connected and stand-alone modes.

San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid): Pilot system that allowed testing, in cooperation with Iberdrola’s knowledge hub, of the new ZGR Smart MiT, which are ZGR’s new intelligent DC chargers/rectifiers.

Grid storage: Distribution of DC Power Systems for Unión Fenosa’s substations

ZGR Corporación has been awarded the main contract for the supply to Unión Fenosa Distribución of DC power supply systems for its substations.

The 125V systems for the supply of auxiliary services and the 48V systems for the supply of communications and remote control.

This one-year contract places ZGR at the forefront of electrical energy transmission and distribution solutions.


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