Reunión Secorbe con el embajador de Ucrania para la reconstrucción del país

Ukraine reconstruction: Meeting the Ukrainian ambassador to plan the reconstruction of the country

Ukraine reconstruction: ZGR Corporación has been one of the companies invited by SERCOBE ( Association representing Spanish Industries) to hold a meeting with the Ukrainian ambassador and his commercial alliance to plan the reconstruction of the country.

In our case, our capabilities and experience in the energy reconstruction of other countries that have suffered conflicts or have a deficient energy infrastructure, as in the case of Asian countries, has been highly valued in the framework of this meeting.

Capacities of the Spanish industry in capital goods

Spanish capital goods companies met last September with the Ukrainian ambassador, Serhii Pohereltsev, and his commercial alliance, Igor Ivanchenko, at SERCOBE’s headquarters in Madrid.

ZGR Corporación was one of the 40 companies in the sector invited, along with leading banks, official institutions linked to foreign trade and representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

The Ukrainian ambassador wanted to learn first-hand about the capabilities of the Spanish capital goods industry to participate in the reconstruction of destroyed basic infrastructures. Among them, some of the most harmed are electrical and communications infrastructures, as well as energy generation: plants, machinery and facilities.

Ukraine reconstruction: Request to the International Monetary Fund for assistance

At the meeting, the priorities for reconstruction were presented and the short and medium-term cost was estimated at 750 billion euros. It was also announced that the International Monetary Fund has been asked to provide 7 billion a month to confront the immediate reconstruction work.

Serhii Pohoreltsev, the Ukrainian ambassador, stated at the meeting that they consider Spain and its industrial capacity to be one of the most competitive European countries capable of helping Ukraine in the task of recovering activity and providing citizens with the basic services needed to return to normality.

Finally, it was decided to organize a working group to present this initiative to the Spanish, European and international authorities involved in the reconstruction.

Our Director of Transmission and Distribution, José Antonio Grande, was in charged of presenting ZGR’s capabilities and experience. Among other actions, Grande explained how ZGR has participated in the reconstruction of infrastructures and electricity systems in Asian countries. In addition, our company is constantly active in Eastern European countries. Mainly with energy marketing and distribution groups, so it is familiar with the problems and consecuences.

ZGR Corporación, capacity, know-how and experience

ZGR Corporación is a company committed to helping Ukraine. We want to help in its reconstruction. The latest Russian attacks on the country’s energy facilities give an idea of how strategic they are. They also show how necessary it is to be able to help restore them as quickly as possible, for the good of the citizens. We thank SERCOBE for taking us into account in this initiative. We would like to transmit to the ambassador our willingness to be an active part of the initiatives that may be developed in the coming months. At ZGR we have the capacity, know-how and experience that can help the Ukrainian people to recover their energy systems”.

More information 123on the meeting on the SERCOBE website

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