Intervención de José Antonio Grande (ZGR Corporación) en el evento de

ZGR Corporation invited, among other companies to participate in collaboration in energy projects Europe-Africa

Energy projects Europe-Africa: ZGR has presented its services to more than 120 European and African companies in Lille (France), in the framework of the event organized by the ESECA consortium (European Sustainable Energy Cluster partnership for Africa) in which ACE (Energy Cluster) participates to develop collaborative energy projects.

The first steps are being taken to develop a joint internationalization plan between European companies for African markets. For this, it is necessary to develop collaborative projects to meet the needs of countries such as Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania in areas such as smart grids and renewable energies, mainly.

This is the main objective of ESECA (European Sustainable Energy Cluster partnership for Africa), a consortium formed by five European clusters (ACE, MEDEE, LE2C, MetaIndustry and ECPE) from Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Together, they bring together around 550 organizations and 290 SMEs.

Within the framework of this initiative, the event organized by this consortium took place in Lille (France) on 15th and 16th of September, which we attended as one of the five companies invited by the Energy Cluster (ACE) to present our most international services and projects.

Boosting energy projects Europe-Africa

Under the title: “Energy Access: Supporting Innovation Between Europe and Africa”, more than 120 participants met to discuss possible collaboration projects between the European Union and the African Union in the energy sector.

Additionally, ZGR Corporacion was represented by José Antonio Grande, Director of the Transmission and Distribution business unit. Grande had the opportunity to present our company through pitch sessions to a wide range of agents.

José Antonio Grande: “Africa currently has great potential for the generation of renewable energies, especially solar energy”.

The event began with the debates “Engaging in partnership between Europe and Africa” and “Collaborative innovation to meet the challenges of energy access”. ACE participated in the first one.

In the afternoon, a workshop specifically dedicated to the ESECA project was held, where the market studies of the five target countries (Senegal, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya) elaborated in the first year of the project were presented.

Approximately 70 B2B sessions were organized throughout the day, in which 30 European companies participated, including ZGR Corporacion.

ZGR’s international projection: The opportunity to grow in Africa

“Africa currently has great potential for the generation of renewable energies, especially solar energy. ZGR’s extensive experience can help not only the energy development of these countries, but also cooperation with other European partners of great interest to us. Africa is a continent where we have experience and a natural line of growth for ZGR. Participating as a guest of ACE in the ESECA consortium event is a very interesting initiative for us”, said José Antonio Grande.

The next event organised within the framework of the ESECA project will be held in Asturias in early 2023. On this occasion, the event will focus on the definition of the business missions to be carried out in 2023 to the target countries.

ZGR Corporación has extensive international experience. We develop our activity in the five continents. In addition to the headquarters in Spain in Vitoria, Madrid and Valencia, from where we attend to all the activity on the African continent, Europe and Asia. We also have offices in Mexico and Colombia, from where we serve LATAM and the United States.

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