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SOLAR INVERTERS: The new ZGR SOLAR 3300 1500V modular central inverter, designed for maximum profitability

  • Solar inverters: News from ZGR Corporation in Genera 2023
  • Hybrid storage systems and its complete range of self-consumption systems complete the proposal of the Basque group.
  • For the third year, ZGR will be at GENERA with complete solutions that include design, engineering and in-house manufacturing, as well as specialized technical service for the commissioning and maintenance of the equipments.

Vitoria, Madrid, Valencia, 03 February 2023. For the third consecutive year, ZGR Corporación is attending GENERA, the trade fair it has chosen to present its new ZGR SOLAR CTRh 3.3 MW 1500 V  Modular Central Inverter, a solution designed to obtain maximum profitability for large utility scale PV projects.

The Basque group will also be exhibiting its complete range of solar inverters for self-consumption. ZGR’s stand will also be showcasing its new hybrid storage solutions.

ZGR will be at stand 10h04

“This year we will be at GENERA 2023 with the complete range of ZGR solar inverters, ranging from the smallest self-consumption inverters of 20 or 50 kVA to medium-sized inverters ideal for utilities, such as the STR 250, to the new 1500 V Central Inverter that we are launching on the market this year,” says Eduardo Ibáñez, Director of ZGR’s Energy Unit.

Solar inverters: The new modular central inverter, Maximum efficiency, designed with the profitability of utility scale 1500 V

The new ZGR SOLAR CTRh 3.3 MW 1500 V Modular Central Inverter has a series of specifications that make it unique in its range. Maximum robustness, productivity, adaptability, and flexibility in equipment with these characteristics:

  • 3.3 MVA / 2 MVA power configurable
  • Two maximum module power ratings: 500 KW and 825 KW
  • High energy efficiency > 99% – AC voltage: 690 VAC – 800 VA
  • DC voltage: 950 – 1500 V (3-level inverter)
  • Redundant modular configurable: 1 – 4 MMPTs
  • Low harmonic distortion < 3%.
  • Adaptable in hybrid system
  • Easily replaceable modules
  • Optimal cooling for improved energy efficiency and service life
  • Prepared for extreme environmental conditions.
Inversor Central Modular ZGR SOLAR CTRh 3.3MW 1500V

ZGR SOLAR CTRh 3.3MW 1500V Modular Central Inverter

One of the most outstanding and innovative elements of this equipment is that the power modules are bidirectional: they can be configured as battery chargers or inverters for photovoltaic panels. It can be regulated for different power distributions for battery charging or for energy injection into the grid.

In addition, it is compatible with all battery technologies and allows common inverter and charger spare parts, which minimizes maintenance costs. This inverter can operate at full power in extreme temperature and altitude conditions.

Solar Inverters: Solutions for decentralised solar power plants, STR 250 kVA

The STR 250 kVA is another solution that will be present at GENERA 2023. It is an inverter that offers very good solutions for decentralized solar plants with a complicated topology (e.g. “terraced” PV plants, mountain plants…); floating PV plants or agrivoltaic PV plants.

They offer a high energy yield (over 98%) and are ideal for medium to large-scale plants.

Solar Inverters: Commitment to self-consumption and hybrid storage

Self-consumption in energy and industrial communities has had record figures in 2022 and will continue its expansionary cycle in 2023. ZGR comes to GENERA with its complete range of solar inverters for self-consumption, both residential and industrial, which continue to be in high peak demand.

“The integrated Low and Medium Voltage solutions for energy communities and industrial self-consumption continue to be one of our main values in the market,” said Eduardo Ibáñez, “ZGR’s entire range of solar inverters for self-consumption are prepared for “0 Discharge” or “0 Injection” systems”.

Finally, those attending GENERA will also be able to see first-hand, as ZGR is a manufacturer, the hybrid storage systems for PV generation.


About ZGR Corporación

ZGR CORPORACIÓN S.A. is a business group specializing in the design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of robust, reliable and highly productive solutions for the integrated management of electrical energy.

A manufacturer since 1998, it is an international benchmark in power electronics, especially in the development of intelligent systems and grid quality, as well as in hybrid and modular energy storage, based on batteries.

It has four main areas of specialization: Industry, Transmission and Distribution, Energy (Photovoltaic) and Electric Mobility. As a manufacturer, one of its differential value elements is its technical service and manufacturing guarantees. It has a large number of national and international certifications and approvals for its activity.

Its headquarters are in Vitoria and it has branches in Madrid, San Sebastian and Valencia. Internationally, it has branches in Mexico and Colombia with local technical service in these areas. It develops projects and markets its products all over the world.

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