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ZGR STR 250 – 1500 V PV Solar Inverter, why choose? Advantages and benefits

ZGR¨s three-phase string inverters range includes ZGR STR 250 kVA – 1500 V PV Solar Inverter, the ideal inverter for utility scale PV Projects which recently obtained certificate for PV Utility Scale and large PV Self-consumption (with output voltage > 600 V) according to the Spanish Technical Supervision Standard – Normativa Técnica de Supervisión (NTS).

ZGR STR 250 kVA – 1500 V PV Solar Inverter is designed to provide solutions for decentralized solar plants with complicated topology, such as "terraced" or PV plants located in highlands, floating PV plants or Agrivoltaic PV plants. These PV Solar Inverters provide high energy performance (greater than 98%) being perfect for medium to large infrastructures. They fulfill with small and medium-sized utilities main requirements.

ZGR STR 250 kVA – 1500 V, as the rest of ZGR's inverter ranges, are equipped with monitoring and control systems that maximize energy
efficiency and improve plant management options.

Mainly due to these reasons, this inverter is one of the most popular PV Solar inverters, together on with PV self-consumption solutions.
In addition, being ZGR national manufacturer, we have immediate availability for equipment and our own technical service, with customized support for each project and a 10-year warranty on our inverters.

Some of the advantages provided by the ZGR STR 250Kva – 1500 V PV solar inverter

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • High energy efficiency greater than 98%
  • Very low harmonic distortion, THD <3%
  • Direct connection to step-up transformer
  • Parallel connection without limitation
  • Anti-islanding protection with automatic disconnection
  • LED monitoring of the equipment
  • Protection against: reverse polarity, short circuits, overvoltages, insulation faults
  • Compact design for easy installation

You can find all the features of our PV Solar inverter in ZGR STR 250 kVA Datasheet.

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