Contrato entre Schneider Electric Colombia y ZGR Corporación

ZGR Corporation sings a contract with Schneider Electric Colombia for the supply of its range of advanced voltage stabilisers in South America

  • This contract is an important step in ZGR’s international projection strategy in the South American market.
  • GR will manufacture DVRs of Intermediate, High Power, Low and Medium Voltage, as well as other equipment related to the energy sector and the quality of the electricity supply, to be supplied by Schneider Electric Colombia to all of South America.
  • With this new contract, ZGR is taking a further step in its collaboration with the multinational electricity company, with whom it has already signed a global framework contract for the supply of industrial solutions in 2020.

ZGR Corporation has signed a contract with Schneider Electric Colombia for the supply of DVR voltage stabilizers for Intermediate, High Power, Low and Medium Voltage, as well as other products related to the energy sector and the quality of the electricity supply.

The contract was signed by Schneider Electric’s Head of Grid Quality Solutions for South America, Esteban Echeverri Estrada, and the CEO of ZGR Corporación, Íñigo Segura. ZGR’s delegation in Colombia, ZGR Energy, under the direction of Jaime Durán, will be in charge of managing the orders related to the supply contract and will provide the necessary technical support for all the installations that are put into operation as part of the agreement.

The systems to be manufactured for Schneider Electric in South America are tailored to regional needs and aim to strengthen the presence of both companies in the South American market.

Considering that voltage fluctuations are one of the most costly and common power quality disturbances, with the wide power range of DVR dynamic voltage stabilisers between 150 KVA and 6 MVA, practically all the needs of industrial customers in Latin America can be covered.

Momento de la fabricación de un DVR en la planta de Vitoria de ZGR Corporación

DVR, the dynamic voltage stabiliser demanded by the electro-intensive industries

Automated equipment and processes are very sensitive to electrical disturbances and voltage failures. Poor power quality is the most common cause of production stoppages, breakage, or failure of the most advanced machinery and, consequently, large losses every year.

DVRs are dynamic voltage stabilizers designed, developed and manufactured at ZGR’s production plant in Vitoria that continuously correct voltage dips, under and over voltage. These dynamic voltage stabilizers are ultra-fast and can even mitigate severe voltage dips for 30 seconds. As they do not use batteries, the output power quality does not degrade and maintenance costs are very low, making them an ideal solution for easily eliminating large number of incidents in the day-to-day running of production plants.

On the other hand, ZGR offers Scheider Electric its extensive knowledge in energy management, with a wide range of product catalogue. Energy storage solutions for hybridization with generation or grid regulation, chargers and rectifiers for transmission and distribution networks, solutions for outages and micro-outages in industry, grid analyzers and solar inverters.


ZGR and Schneider Electric Colombia: Commitment to grid quality and energy efficiency in Latin America

ZGR Corporation and Schneider Electric Colombia are business groups that are united by their commitment to grid quality and power supply security for Latin American industry. With this collaboration, they are joining forces to make a significant contribution to energy efficiency in the region.

Industrial development and the move towards more sustainable production requires the development of solutions that contribute to improving energy efficiency, as well as the quality and security of electricity supply, in the region’s electricity-intensive industry.

According to Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR Corporación: “As factories and their industrial processes are digitised and automated, more advanced and intelligent power electronics systems are required to guarantee a quality and continuous power supply. There is a growing industrial demand for these systems and our mission is to provide companies with robust, flexible, and highly productive power electronics solutions that contribute to improving energy efficiency and the companies”

ZGR Corporation, global industrial solutions provider for Schneider Electric

Since 2020, ZGR Corporation has been a global supplier of Schneider Electric in industrial solutions, which are those based on voltage regulation and stabilisation that improve the quality of electricity supply in industrial facilities. As a result of this agreement and ZGR’s positive relationship with the different areas and delegations of the multinational, this new agreement has arisen, adapted to the particularities of the Colombian market and the South American area.

Íñigo Segura considers that “this new commercial agreement with Schneider Electric Colombia is precisely aimed at improving our penetration in the South American market with solutions that are working very well in the European electro-intensive industry, adapting them to its particularities. In addition, it takes another step in our collaboration with Schneider, one of our main clients and a strategic partner in the industry.”

Additional information of interest

According to data from the Inter-American Development Bank “BID”, it is estimated that by 2030 Latin America and the Caribbean will need more than 577.000 million dollars to close the electricity energy gap in the region. Of this total, the region will need US$397.000 million to build new generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure, and more than 180.000 million dollars to replace and maintain existing assets. Private investment, which accounted for 75% of total energy sector investment between 2016 and 2020, will remain the key source of capital during this decade. Moreover, according to the “BID”, it will be key to bring “innovation to modernise electric power systems and, in some cases, make them more efficient”.

ZGR Corporation, with offices in Mexico and Colombia, considers this area within its plans for growth and international expansion.

About ZGR Corporation

ZGR Corporación S.A. is a business group specialising in the design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of robust, reliable and highly productive solutions for the integrated management of electrical energy.

Manufacturers since 1998, we are an international benchmark in power electronics, especially in the development of intelligent and grid quality systems, as well as in hybrid and modular energy storage, based on batteries.

We have four main areas of specialization: Industry, Transmission and DistributionEnergy (Photovoltaic) and Electric MobilityAs a manufacturer, one of its differential value elements is its technical service and manufacturing guarantees. Zigor has national and international certifications and approvals for its activity.

Our headquarters are in Vitoria (Spain) and we have branches in Madrid, San Sebastian and Valencia. Internationally, our delegations are in Mexico and Colombia, with local technical service in these areas. We develop projects and market our products all over the world.

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