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Micro outages and voltage drops: What are their differences and how to solve them in the industry?

Micro outages and voltage drops are two classic and frequent disturbances in the distribution network. In this article we explain their differences and propose solutions to avoid them in industrial and logistics environments.

Electrical disturbances are common in the distribution network and the cause of inconveniences and economic losses in industrial plants and logistics centers with a high level of automation.

We note that it is common in the industry to compare the two concepts. So, we will try in this article to dispel these doubts. We also include solutions to avoid these disturbances and minimize the resulting negative impacts.

Micro outages and voltage drops: What are their causes?

Micro outages and voltage drops. There are multiple types of disturbances present in the distribution network and inside industrial plants. Which respond tovarious factors:

– The increase in renewable energy based power and its energy conversion methods.

– Redundancy in distribution lines and substations that can lead to small transfer costs.

– Atmospheric agents

– The influence of digital computers as well as other controls used to achieve maximum productivity.

– Motors, drive pumps, air conditioners, soldering stations and other items that may demand high currents

– Aging machinery with poor or no filtration systems

affect automated industrial processes that require a lengthy restart process to irreparable damage

Microcuts and voltage drops: can affect automated industrial processes

All this has a negative impact on the wave quality on medium and low voltage distribution lines, as well as on the installations of industrial customers and large distribution logistics centers.

These disturbances can cause anything from small power outages that can affect automated industrial processes that require a lengthy restart process to irreparable damage to the electronic equipment connected to it and the loss of the information they store, in the case of small or large server rooms.

In order to improve wave quality, at least for those industrial environments working with processes particularly susceptible to voltage drops and short outages. ZGR has several solutions.

Microcuts and voltage drops: What is the difference?

Voltage drops: When do they occur?

A voltage drop is commonly referred to as a “voltage drop“. A voltage dip is said to have occurred at a point in the electrical network when the voltage of one or more phases suddenly drops below a set limit. It should be clarified that this definition does not include a zero crossing or total absence of power, however brief it may be.

In general, the majority of the voltage drops are caused by voltage increase.

For example, during the start-up of large motors or the preheating of large furnaces or even the distance from the transformation points and the industry can cause the sizing of the connections to suffer higher losses in transport and this affects the voltage level, which can be reduced from a few volts to tens, which we call “percentage of gap”.

For these cases ZGR has a dynamic voltage stabilizer, DVR, whose power range goes from 150 kva to 900 kva in low voltage, or up to 3.5 MVA in MT.

Estabilizador dinamico de tension ZGR AVC DVR

Estabilizador dinamico de tension ZGR AVC DVR

Its main feature is that it does not need batteries to stabilize the network with the consequent very important economic savings in the medium-long term, due to the drastic reduction of maintenance and periodic replacement of batteries, and of space by sizing, adequacy and safety of the battery room locations.

Micro outages: The most frequent disturbances in storms

The most typical causes of short outages are faults in the power supply networks (transmission and distribution systems) or in the users installations, which, on many occasions, are caused by atmospheric discharges and short circuits.

The most common disturbances that occur during storms are micro-outages.

It is estimated that micro outages are the caused of 93% of the electrical problems. This 50% of the micro-outages are less than 1 second long.

Disturbances caused by micro outages can be caused by atmospheric discharges or works in distribution centers, but in this case they involve a zero crossing. To solve this we need batteries or small storage systems.

The best way to avoid the possible problems generated by micro-cuts or even cuts of longer duration, is to have installed an Uninterruptible Power Supply, better known as UPS or UPS.

These devices are inserted between the main supply and the equipment to be protected and not only provide sufficient energy to avoid failures caused by power cuts. But also improve the quality of the mains voltage, thus preventing the connected electrical, electronic and computer equipment from shortening its operating life.



For these cases Zigor has a wide range of UPS (UPS) of different technologies ranging from 600VA to 800 kVA. We can work both in industrial and IT environments protecting small servers and even large DPC (Data Processing Center) rooms, remote telecommunications environments to our homes and small offices.

In conclusion, we would like to reflect on the importance of the quality of electrical power these days and how essential it is in production processes.

In this regard, the electricity market is becoming more and more demanding and demands not only a supply without interruptions. But also a level of network quality that is uniform and much higher than in previous stages due to the growing incorporation of electronic elements, which, although they provide us with better energy management and efficiency. On the other hand, become more critical in the face of poor network quality.

It is so critical that today it is no longer enough to “have energy“, but the great challenge today is to “have quality electrical energy“.

ZGR CORPORACIÓN, Your energy, our challenge

At Zígor we are constantly working to offer solutions that allow an efficient, incident-free and safe power supply.

We guarantee the power supply of critical industrial processes for all those applications.

Those applications require an uninterrupted and quality power supply, maximizing the efficiency of the process.

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