RISEN SYL collaboration visit to ZGR offices


  • Risen SYL: The commercial interest in ZGR equipment from one of the world’s leading renewable energy solution providers is driving the company’s strategy to increase its presence in the global energy market over the next two years.
  • The technical visit helped to lay the groundwork for a potential strategic collaboration, for ZGR to be a supplier and partner in the worldwide supply of the new PCS 1500 Vdc and 3,3 MW.

RISEN SYL, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, has visited ZGR Corporation offices, in order to establish the basis of a strategic collaboration. The main objective of this commercial visit was to explore opportunities for joint work.

RISEN SYL is interested in ZGR’s BESS solutions. In particular, proposed to ZGR to be its supplier and partner for the supply of the new PCS 1500 Vdc y 3,3 MW of power. This collaboration would allow RISEN to integrate this innovative solution in its project portfolio both in the European Union and LATAM. During the visit, an exhaustive technical presentation of the equipment has been carried out, addressing its functionality and integration capacity in DC Blocks (battery systems).

ZGR has shown its interest in establishing a supplier and partner relationship with RISEN for the supply of DC Blocks in its turnkey BESS projects, both nationally and internationally. This will allow ZGR to strengthen its presence in the global energy market, taking advantage of the experience and references of RISEN SYL solutions in the field of battery systems.

Collaboration with Risen SYL aims to strength innovation in the energy sector

Both companies agreed on the strategic importance of this potential collaboration and the mutual benefits that could be gained by combining their experience and expertise in the field of renewable energy and energy storage.

Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR, along with Víctor Peraile, Director of Business Development, Transport and Distribution, and Jordi García, KAM of Energy Storage Systems have received the representatives of RISEN, the Director of Business Development, Johnson Xiang, and the Applications Engineer Lei Yang.

The visit has been assessed as very positive by both companies, which agree on the complementarity of their solutions and hope to continue strengthening the relationship in future meetings, to establish a framework for collaboration that will allow them to work together on innovation projects in the energy sector.

About ZGR Corporación

ZGR CORPORACIÓN S.A. is a business group specialized in the design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of robust, reliable and highly productive solutions for the integrated management of electrical energy.

A manufacturer since 1998, it is an international benchmark in power electronics, especially in the development of intelligent systems and grid quality, as well as in hybrid and modular energy storage, based on batteries.

It has four main areas of specialization: Industry, Transmission and Distribution, Energy (Photovoltaic) and Electric Mobility. As a manufacturer, one of its elements of differential value is its technical service and manufacturing guarantees. It has a large number of national and international certifications and approvals for its activity.

Its headquarters are in Vitoria and it has branches in Madrid, San Sebastian and Valencia. Internationally, it has branches in Mexico and Colombia with local technical service in these areas. It develops projects and markets its products all over the world.

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