Distributed power: ZGR’s innovative Full & Fast system

The Energy transformation expert company full&fast has chosen ZGR, together with CIRCE – Technology Center, as partners for the development of a sustainable distributed power solution called “Green Eel. The name of this project is inspired by the image of an electric eel and clean energy.

At ZGR we have worked on the system design supervision to ensure a robust, efficient and reliable product.

Full & Fast system: Features of Green Eel

«Green Eel» differs from other solutions by the following features:
  • Economic and ecological sustainability,
  • Ability to use renewable sources,
  • Ability to offer increased electrical power,
  • Flexibility to adapt to be use at all scenarios.
  • Power generation and storage,
  • Electric recharge power, and
  • Weight (about 750kg) and its dimensions (less than 1 m high), which allows its easy transfer.

Green energy and distributed power

This innovative full&fast project seeks to boost access to «green» energy at any time without the need to expand contracted power. «For us, the need to make access to electricity more flexible by generation/distribution of power, supported by efficient and portable storage systems has been an objective since the beginning», says the company in its blog.
This sustainable solution has a working capacity parallelizing “n” modules and hybridization with diesel groups (“grid forming” and “grid following”).
Also from the technical specifications of «Green Eel» it is interesting to highlight the following:
  • It has the grid codes of the 28 EU countries so that it is compatible with their power systems,
  • Working capacity parallelizing “n” modules,
  • Hybridization with diesel groups (“grid forming” and “grid following”),
  • Connection with solar panels and wind turbines
  • User interface via 7′ touch screen.

More power without expanding power

The Energy Electricity depends on the existence of a grid for its distribution, and this sometimes limits development and access to green energy. In turn, this access is conditioned by the maximum power that this network can supply.

Full&Fast wonders: What if we could have more energy, whenever we want, without the need to expand the contracted power? Could we even have more power than our installation can provide? Would it be possible to have equipment to store and deliver energy? Is electrical energy capable of reaching even where the distribution network does not reach?» Full&Fast’s «Green Eel» system seeks to be the solution to all this.

At ZGR are pleased with this collaboration and the technical support provided. As stated by our CEO, Íñigo Segura: “ZGR CORPORACIÓN has contributed with his know-how and experience in the design, manufacture and supply of power electronics equipment and storage systems. As a partner in charge of supervising system design, we have worked with the aim of ensuring a robust, efficient and reliable product in line with the characteristics that distinguish all our products”.



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