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Caja Rural de Salamanca – In today’s digital world, where connectivity and availability are very important, banks and financial firms rely on their data centres to keep their operations running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, power supply problems, such as disturbances, network outages or power failures, can severely disrupt their services and lead to significant financial losses. To avoid these problems, the central office of Caja Rural de Salamanca has implemented an innovative solution: the new 60 kVA tri bypass, in combination with its Influence 40 kVA UPS equipment

In the banks, the data is crucial and security is vital. That’s why a reliable, high-performance IT infrastructure is essential. Banking data centres house a large number of central servers and security services, and any disruption to the power supply could have disastrous consequences. This is where the importance of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) comes into play to protect connected equipment and servers.

Caja Rural de Salamanca guarantees its electricity supply

Caja Rural de Salamanca, a leading financial institution in the region, has been aware of the need to ensure a continuous and stable power supply in its data centre to protect the integrity of its critical operations. In order to further strengthen their infrastructure and minimize any downtime, they have implemented an innovative solution: the new 60 kVA tri-tri bypass, as a complement to an advanced 40 kVA Influence UPS.

The tri-tri bypass acts as an additional backup system for the UPS, allowing an instant and seamless switch to the backup power supply in the event of a main UPS failure. This zero-downtime switching capability ensures that servers and equipment continue to operate without interruption, even in emergency situations.

The combination of high quality UPS equipment, such as the Influence 40 kVA, together with a 60 kVA tri-tri bypass, provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for the protection of the servers and IT equipment at the central office of Caja Rural de Salamanca. These systems ensure that electrical disturbances, network outages and voltage failures do not affect the bank’s activity, avoiding financial losses and maintaining the confidence of its customers.

SAI ZGR Influence 40 kVA

SAI ZGR Influence 40 kVA

Importantly, for banks and financial institutions, the continuous availability of servers and connections is of vital importance. Any interruption in the power supply can have serious consequences, such as loss of transactions, breach of data security, or diminished customer confidence. That’s why having UPS and other voltage regulation and stabilization systems in place is critical.

ZGR offers, in addition to the equipment and its installation, a permanent technical service so that the banks can have peace of mind in the event of any electrical disturbance or incident. It also provides training for the company’s managers after the commissioning of the new equipment.

The combination of a high-quality UPS, such as the Influence 40 kVA, together with a 60 kVA tri-tri bypas, provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for the protection of servers and IT equipment, ensuring that electrical disturbances, mains failures and power failures do not affect the banks business.

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bypass tri-tri de ZGR

ZGR Corporación 60 kVa tri-tri bypass installed in Caja Rural Salamanca


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