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Smart, modular and interoperable hybrid energy storage system for stationary applications

The main goal of the iSTORMY project is to develop a low cost, modular, efficient, (industrial) solution for stationary ...

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Study of the potential of new WBG (Wide BandGap) materials in energy conversion

This project studies the potential of new WBG (Wide BandGap) materials in energy conversion. The result of this project ...

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Research and Development of an advanced microgrid model with electrical energy storage for distribution networks The growth of large wind and solar generation facilities, reaching penetratio...

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DATA energy

El objetivo del proyecto IOENERGY es facilitar la adquisición y la capitalización de los daThe IOENERGY project works ...

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Central energy management platform

ISLANDER aims at developing an even more integrated and efficient central energy management platform in order to manage ...

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New topologies and advanced power conversion technologies

The objective of the NIERBIMO project for ZIGOR is to increase knowledge in new topologies and advanced power conversion...

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Battery chargers with advanced technologies for integration with new smart grid models

The main objective of the project is the design and development of battery chargers for the electricity sector that inco...

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SIlicon Carbide SOLutions

The “SIlicon Carbide Solutions – SICSOL” project was born with a clear orientation towards the generat...

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