certificación de sosteniblidad

ZGR achieves Sustainability Certification

ZGR Corporación has the sustainability certification, awarded by the certifying company “Sociedad de Tasación S.A.”, registered by the Bank of Spain. It has been granted after evaluating ZGR’s performance in the environmental, the social and the good governance aspects of the company.

ZGR has achived a “C” rating and the company has also been considered to have a “high” rating in terms of meeting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), as well as a “low” relative company carbon footprint estimate.

“ZGR has excellence parameters on the different aspects identified in the sustainability certifications. We are pleased to have obtained this certification, which is a confirmation of the work we have done. We will continue to work and make progress in this direction,” said the company’s CEO, Íñigo Segura.

In addition, Íñigo Segura believes that “this certification highlights the level of confidence that our shareholders have in ZGR, as well as the investors and venture capital companies that develop electricity projects with us”.

Sustainability certification: excellence in management

ZGR Corporación is a business group specialized in the design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of robust, reliable and highly productive solutions for the integrated management of electrical energy. In line with its activity, it develops an active policy of commitment to the environment and society.

The company has AENOR certificates for the environmental management system, as well as for the quality management system. It also has an Equality Plan and Code of Ethics. In 2022, ZRG received the Obidean Award for its track record in occupational risk prevention

Excellence in management, as well as the firm commitment to a highly experienced and highly technical team, and constant investment in innovation as a differentiating element, have enabled ZGR to maintain sustained growth of over 20% in the last five years.

Companies that want to be competitive in the 21st century must have a sustainable and balanced management in all its aspects: Economic, Social, Environmental and Governance. At ZGR we are convinced of this and we are working in this direction.

This sustainibility certification underlines the level of confidence that our shareholders, as well as investors and venture capital firms, developing power projects, have in ZGR.

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