Los nuevos modelos de negocio impulsarán la transformación del sector eléctrico

New business models will transfor the electricity sector

“In an environment with multiple challenges, the electricity sector needs to be more innovative in order to meet current demand and offer flexible alternatives to the different needs of companies, allowing for comprehensive management of the electricity supply, from generation to consumption, through the collaboration of the different players”.

With this paragraph starts our CEO, Íñigo Segura, his statement on to the article published in the magazine Petróleo & Energía.


New business models will be crucial in 2023 to provide companies with a more efficient and competitive response to their demands and needs for quality and secure electricity supply. We will see the promotion of new business models, generally based on distributed generation systems, which also guarantee the stability and quality of the electricity supply. Exponential technologies and digitalization will be strategic allies in these new business models.

In this context, manufacturers of advanced power electronics and energy storage equipment must be prepared to meet all these new needs and new customer profiles or segments, throughout the energy value chain, from generation, through transmission and distribution to consumption.

The development of “Product as Service” models requires the design and manufacture of highly flexible, robust and highly efficient equipment.

Implementing “Product as Service” models, so that our customers only pay for the use they make of the equipment, instead of paying for its ownership, must be one of the lines to be contemplated.

For this, we need to design and manufacture very flexible, robust and highly efficient equipment, something that we at ZGR Corporación know how to do very well and which is in our most differential DNA.

These are some of the ideas extracted from the interesting article by Íñigo Segura, which we encourage you to read in full and recommend.

Artículo de opinión de Íñigo Segura (ZGR Corporación) en la revista Petróleo & Energía


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