Nuevos rectificadores-cargadores inteligentes ZGR para UFD

The first delivery of ZGR´s new intelligent rectifier-chargers is already in “Unión Fenosa Distribución”

Rectifier-chargers – It has been a challenge and we are very pleased, as we have had to develop the complex communications and cybersecurity requirements specified by Unión Fenosa Distribución (UFD). It is a recognition to continue with the policy of customized developments and to continue expanding our technical knowledge and innovation in the development of advanced storage systems (BESS).

These new intelligent and cyber-secure rectifier-chargers maintain ZGR’s position as one of the leading suppliers of power electronics systems in the energy transmission and distribution sector and we are confident that they will provide Unión Fenosa Distribución (UFD) electricity distribution networks with greater intelligence and digitalization, that will further strengthen their flexibility and resilience, making us feel part of building this new future for electricity infrastructure.

Rectifier-chargers: ZGR to supply 50% of 125 VDC Power Systems required for UFD´s news digital substations

These new rectifier-chargers supplied to UFD are part of the contract that this important distributor has given to ZGR, in which we will produce for the company 50% of the 125 Vdc Power Supply Systems required by UFD’s new digital substations.

DC power systems are an important role in smart grids as they help to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electricity grid by reducing energy losses and increasing the integration capacity of renewable energy sources.

The power supply systems that ZGR will supply to Unión Fenosa Distribución are necessary and essential elements in the new digital electrical substations to guarantee their continuous operations as well as the continuity of service.

Unión Fenosa Distribución and other Naturgy Group companies have been working with ZGR Corporación for more than 20 years, both in the supply of this type of equipment and others for application in smart grids.

High performance multidisciplinary team

The delivery of those new ZGR rectifier-chargers to UFD has involved the work of the different departments and areas of ZGR, from Innovation to Administration, including Logistics, Purchasing, Production, Engineering and the T&D Business Unit. This is further evidence of ZGR’s great human team, its multidisciplinary training and high performance.

About ZGR Corporation

Manufacturers since 1998, we are an international benchmark in power electronics, especially in the development of intelligent and grid quality systems, as well as in hybrid and modular energy storage, based on batteries.

We have four main areas of specialization: Industry, Transmission and Distribution, Energy (Photovoltaic) and Electric Mobility. As a manufacturer, one of its differential value elements is its technical service and manufacturing guarantees. Zigor has national and international certifications and approvals for its activity.

Our headquarters are in Vitoria (Spain) and we have branches in Madrid, San Sebastian and Valencia. Internationally, our delegations are in Mexico and Colombia, with local technical service in these areas. We develop projects and market our products all over the world.

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