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ZGR Corporation and Cuerva join forces to provide energy support to rural areas

  • The agreement proposes the joint development of technological projects, aimed to improve the electrical infrastructure of rural Andalusian population
  • The alliance seeks to give support against contingencies and disruptions of the network and develop integrated applications. This applications contribute to its stability, supporting the electrification of isolated populations in which Cuerva is an electrical distributor.

ZGR Corporación and Cuerva today signed a joint work agreement aimed at providing energy support to rural areas in the province of Granada. This agreement involves installing a storage system based on lithium batteries.

The framework of this agreement, for a one-year period, is aimed for the development of the indicated system in order to improve the electricity supply in the area. In this sense, new solutions will be implemented in power electronics, both in the promotion of smart grids, the use of clean technologies, as well as last generation electrical equipment, as smart rectifiers and chargers to ensure quality electricity supply in the face of regulatory changes and new energy consumption profiles.

The ultimate challenge is to provide existing electricity infrastructures with greater flexibility by avoiding investments in new electricity networks, so that they are able to guarantee electricity supply in the face of problems in the network of the urban centres, Mainly in summer periods, while improving productivity and costs in the management of these infrastructures and reducing the environmental impact.

Energy support to rural areas: Jayena Population Transformation Centre (CT)

Specifically, the network operating team in Cuerva has chosen a Transformation centre (TC) for the city of Jayena for the installation of a battery. ItsLocalidad de Jayena provincia de Granada location, far from the substation, causes the mains voltage to suffer variations throughout the day, making it an ideal scenario for the storage system to supply that variation, thanks to the power injection, both active and reactive, and avoiding the residents to perceive this lack in the network.

The use of batteries, apart from complementing the voltage variations of the grid, has another very important function, which is to work in “island mode”. This term refers to the fact that, in the event of a grid failure, this battery is capable of providing energy to the area for at least two hours autonomously, giving sufficient time for the grid to be repaired and the supply to be restored. A storage system is cleaner, cheaper and more effective than the construction of traditional assets such as new cabling.

ZGR Corporation and Cuerva collaborate in the transformation of the energy sector

According to Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR: “At this time of transformation of the energy sector and where the electrification of the economy marks the new times, this collaboration agreement shows how cooperation between the different agents in the electricity value chain is fundamental in the energy transition”.

Ignacio Cuerva, CEO of Cuerva, points out that “the agreement signed is the result of prior work by the technical teams of both companies. Cuerva and ZGR Corporation have identified synergies between both business cultures and niches where ZGR’s mastery of power electronics, together with Cuerva’s knowledge of the electricity market in these urban centres, can enable the development of services and solutions with greater added value for grid users”.

“For a distributor, grid storage systems must be a fully integrated component[i], guaranteeing safe and reliable operation of the distribution network. In this way, we avoid the construction of electrical infrastructures with a greater environmental impact,” adds Juan Guerrero, Director of Grid Services at Cuerva.

Cuerva distributes more than 100 GWh of energy per year, guaranteeing access to electricity supply to around 50,000 person. To optimise supply and maintain it at high quality levels, Cuerva works with a data volume of 5,100 GB integrated in its systems, managing its smart grids in real time. Furthermore, the experience accumulated since its origins, investment and innovation in its distribution areas is reflected in the different fully integrated electrical infrastructures at its disposal: 3 substations, 450 smart transformation centres, 400 km of LAT and more than 500 km of LBT.

ZGR Corporación has been awarded as the main supplier for Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa Distribución for DC chargers. This year it has also been awarded the fourth BESS project with Viesgo. All this makes it one of the leading national manufacturers of DC equipment.

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Energy support to rural areas: Learn more about ZGR Corporation and Cuerva

About Zigor Corporation

ZGR Corporación is a business group specialized in:

  • The design,
  • Manufacture,
  • Implementation and
  • Maintenance of robust, reliable and highly productive solutions for the integral management of electrical energy.

Manufacturer since 1998, is an international benchmark in power electronics, especially in smart and network quality systems, as well as in hybrid and modular energy storage, based on batteries.

It has three main areas of specialization: Industry, Transmission and Distribution and Energy (photovoltaic). As a manufacturer, one of its elements of differential value is the technical service and manufacturing guarantees. It has a large number of certifications and homologations of its activity, national and internationally.

Its headquarters are in Vitoria and it has delegations in Madrid, San Sebastián and Valencia. Internationally, it has delegations in Mexico and Colombia with local technical service in these areas. It develops projects and markets of its products worldwide.


Cuerva, a family company founded in 1939 in Granada, has more than 80 years of history in the energy sector. Having grown and with a presence in Europe and Latin America. It continues to be a company with family values and focused on seeking the best energy solutions through innovation and understanding the needs of people, the sector and society.

With this vision of future for more than 8 decades, Cuerva has consolidated its brand image as a benchmark company in the energy sector. Understanding energy as a process from beginning to end thanks to the exhaustive study of high-value data. It covers the different areas of the energy value chain. From the generation, distribution and commercialisation of electrical energy, to extensive knowledge and experience in the operation, construction and maintenance of all types of electrical infrastructures.

The head photograph is the station of Escúzar, in Cuerva.


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