transición energética

Energy transition: Challenges to be faced?

The energy transition towards CO2 emission-free sources means a very important change in the generation processes, in the technologies involved and in the raw materials that will shape the needs of the production processes.

ZGR is one of the main manufacturers of solar inverters and supplier of medium voltage systems in Spain and dedicates a great part of its efforts to speed up the transition as quickly as possible.

This has been reported in an article in the newspaper “Diario de Noticias de Álava” in an attempt to provide a glimpse of the key points of the energy transition. As they explain, there are four areas where efforts should be focused and where ZIGOR is having an impact, which are:

Advanced solutions

Storage is an essential partner to facilitate an evolution in the characteristics of demand and generation. In order to reduce investment costs and maximize its economic profitability, it is necessary to introduce mechanisms to improve profitability in storage for dual use.

In this line of work, ZGR has reinforced the production of its new SMART MIT chargers, which are necessary in electrical substations to guarantee the quality of the network, even in the event of a breakdown or system failure.

Investment in power electronics

The international market looks to Vitoria, and specifically to ZGR, as a world reference in this field. The hybridization between alternating current and direct current technologies, united through power electronics, will allow the most efficient use of energy, as well as the development of robust, highly productive, reliable and long-lasting equipment.

In the last four years, the company from Alava has renewed its power electronics solutions, making a strong investment in R+D+i that exceeds 4 M€ and has made it one of the companies with the highest growth projection in the industrial energy sector.

Inverters and solar energy storage systems

The company is convinced that solar energy will play an increasingly important role in the generation mix in Spain.

In addition to its best-known STR String 250 inverters, ZGR has accelerated the launch to the market of the most popular new product in the EPC and Utilities sector: a new 3.5 MW modular central inverter.

It has been specially designed to offer the highest reliability and robustness in the most demanding environments, maximize the productivity of photovoltaic plants and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

It is also investing in new solutions for monitoring and equipment control to improve efficiency in plant management in real time.

Network quality services to the industry and maintenance of its equipment

ZGR, as a provider of essential services to a large number of industries, is a specialist in the manufacture of systems that protect power quality in critical industrial applications to ensure the continuity of power supply and its quality, eliminating interruptions and generating very significant savings in production costs.

You can read the full article on the website of Diario de Noticias de Álava.

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