Envisioning a path to energy savings: Storage

  • ZGR Mexico relies on energy storage to contribute to energy savings
  • Global demand for batteries is expected to reach 2,600 GWh by 2030.

Energy saving storage: Energy represents one of the highest costs for industries, so it is essential to adjust and optimize significant savings and improve efficiency. Energy storage can reduce operating costs and save money for companies, especially for those that require electricity the most, such as the manufacturing industry.

Considering that energy storage is a critical backbone for grids, battery storage capacity additions in 2020 reached a record 5 GW, up 50% from the previous year [1]. Meanwhile global investment in energy storage reached USD 3 billion in the same year [2].

For ZGR Mexico, a leading power electronics company, the commitment to the electric future that contributes to energy savings is linked to storage; because by implementing these systems, distributed energy resources can be better controlled, to charge and discharge the stored energy at the best time, reducing costs in demand charges.

One of the key savings for industries is to make use of energy control devices to strategically schedule the frequency regulation and use of machinery, which helps to maximize efficiency.

Energy saving storage: The importance of balancing supply and demand

“Energy storage already plays an important role in maintaining the balance between supply and demand; one of the best results that storage can offer in terms of savings in industries is seen when it is used to reduce peak demand or to avoid higher electricity tariffs,” says Iñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR Mexico.

Similarly, by using energy storage during short outages, companies can continue to operate normally and avoid costly outages, leading to more sustainable business practices.

“In addition, energy storage systems are promising because they allow the integration of resources and give flexibility to the grid, while they can eliminate intermittency, which is one of the main limitations of solar and wind power systems,” Segura explains.

ZGR Mexico has a proven ability to implement storage projects for both service stations and isolated populations, offering innovative battery storage technologies with control and management systems that optimize performance, generating efficiency and capacity for the grid.


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