39 seminario de ingeniería hospitalaria Valencia 2022

We participated in the 39th Edition of the Hospital Engineering Seminar

“The solution designed by ZGR Corporación to eliminate voltage dips in the power supply for the diagnostic imaging equipment of the Reina Sofía Hospital in Cordoba has been selected to be exhibited in the presentations of the main hospital engineering event in the country. Hospital Engineering Seminar

The ZGR AVC DVR modular, in the event of a sudden voltage drop, guarantees the quality of the network, maintaining the output voltage constantly. This unit can correct the voltage drop symmetrically in all three phases or it can correct them independently in each phase. Up to three units can be connected in parallel.

Functionalities of the ZGR AVC DVR unit were presented at the Hospital Engineering Seminar

Other functionalities that the ZGR AVC DVR has are:ZGR AVC DVR

  • Stepless regulation for high stabilisation (+/= 0.5%)
  • Overvoltage compensation up to +20%.
  • Compensation of voltage dips even for long times (+30 secs) without batteries.
  • Very high system efficiency (> 98%)
  • Conforms to SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-11 and IEC 61000-4-34 standards

For Jon Ander, Director of the Industry Area of ZGR Corporation:

“The more advanced and sophisticated the diagnostic equipment, the more sensitive it is to electrical disturbances. It is certainly very important to have power electronics equipment in hospital facilities. This equipment guarantees the stability of the network and protects the loads from disturbances, because we are talking about human lives”.

ZGR Corporación has extensive experience working in critical environments, including the health sector. “We would like to thank the Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía from Córdoba for inviting us to chance to participate in this important Hospital Engineering seminar,” said Jon Ander, who added: “We are aware that the problems caused by voltage dips and outages are similar in many hospitals and our solutions can help to mitigate their consequences. We believe that at times when energy is under stress like the current scenario, being proactive in ensuring the security of power supply is a key element for hospital management, and ZGR is there to help.

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