Formación sobre SAI en ELEKO

Training on Uninterruptible Power Supply Sistems (UPS) for Eleko´s technical team

ELEKO – In the dynamic world of the electrical industry, collaboration is the key to providing differential value to electrical power companies. For this reason, ZGR constantly cooperates with specialised electrical distributors such as ELEKO. In recent weeks, we have carried out specialised training sessions with their technical and commercial team, focusing on UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems).

The central purpose of these sessions has been to keep the ELEKO team up to date on the latest developments in power electronics and UPS solutions from ZGR. From power ratings to functionalities, our aim is for ELEKO professionals to have the most advanced knowledge to be able to provide excellent advice to their customers. The training courses have been defined according to the profiles of warehouse technicians, sales technicians and specialists in your technical department.

Learning in action: Industrial reality

In addition to the theoretical sessions on UPSs, we have also accompanied the area delegates on their visits to some of the industrial customers with whom they collaborate, in order to directly satisfy any technical queries they may have and to suggest possible customised solutions for each case.

“At ZGR, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our collaboration with distributors such as ELEKO. Not only providing agile management of orders, supplies and technical proposals, but we also offer our own fast, high-quality technical service to solve any problems that may arise, in record response time,” says Jon Ander, head of industry at ZGR.

ELEKO, a benchmark in the independent distribution of electrical equipment

ELEKO is a distributor of electrical material that belongs to AUNA, the main group of independent distributors of electrical material in Spain. ELEKO has its headquarters in A Coruña and sales outlets also in Vigo, Ourense, Pontevendra, Lugo and Gijón, from where it offers a supply of industrial material to Asturias and Galicia.

ELEKO “is an outstanding customer for ZGR,” says Jon Ander. Their focus on providing technical solutions and their vast experience in serving the industry and its professionals complements us perfectly. We are very excited about this collaboration with ELEKO to drive technical excellence in the electrical industry and meet the increasingly demanding and complex electrical demands of today’s industrial processes.

We are firmly committed to specialised electrical material distributors and we are convinced that ZGR’s constant innovation to offer the most advanced, robust, flexible and highly productive industrial solutions is a differential value in its catalogue of services.





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