Estación de Atocha - ZGR ha instalado UPS de 100 kVA

100 kVA UPS to guarantee the stability of the energy supply at the Atocha station

At Madrid’s Atocha station, where the movements of thousands of passengers and the complex coordination of trains converge, maintaining communications is vital for the effective operation of the station. To this end, ZGR has sold, installed and put a 100 kVA UPS into service.

Despite being invisible to the public who travel through the station, this 100 kVA UPS is essential to ensure that the communications network functions continuously and in a stable way, with no faults. Its role? To safeguard the integrity of the messages that flow between the control equipment, the safety systems and the information nerve centres.

In this environment of continuous movement, where every second counts, the implementation of this UPS is essential to maintain coherence in data flow. From the control of the trains to safety management, every communication is sustained on a power backbone.

UPS ZGR 100 kVAs Estación de Atocha - 100 KVA UPS Atocha Station

100 KVA UPS, the electricity backup in the case of emergency

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a device that provides electrical power to equipment or systems in the case of sudden power outages or variations in the electricity supply.

Basically, a UPS acts as a power backup. When the electricity is interrupted or there are fluctuations in the electrical current due to voltage faults or outages, the UPS comes into action and supplies the energy stored in its batteries in order to keep the devices connected and operating for a certain period of time. This gives the connected devices time to switch off safely or to continue operating until the normal electricity supply is re-established.

UPSs are essential in environments where power continuity is critical, such as in data centres, hospitals, traffic control centres, communication systems, etc. As well as train stations, as they guarantee that sensitive equipment is not going to be affected by sudden power outages.

Thus, this 100 kVA UPS is not only a high-capacity electronic device, but the guarantee that even when there are electrical fluctuations or sudden outages, critical communications continue without hesitation.

The implementation of this device has required collaboration between different parties. From the conception and determination of the capacities necessary by the specialists, up to the meticulous installation and configuration by ZGR experts. Each detail has been carefully considered to ensure their perfect operation and energy efficiency.

In summary, the 100 kVA UPS installed in the Atocha station is an example of the application of these devices and their use and importance in our daily activity. In this case, at a location as emblematic in terms of mobility as Madrid’s Atocha station.

ZGR, collaboration with the entire value chain

ZGR Corporación supplied this 100 kVA UPS device to the ELEKO electrical store. In turn, ELEKO sold the device to Prosegur, which is responsible for the critical communications in the management of the station for ADIF. It is thus an example of collaboration between the entire value chain of the energy industry. Finally ZGR, as a manufacturer, not only supplied the device, but installed it and trained the management team on the specifications for its operational maintenance and technical service.

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