Driving innovation in power electronics, the main focus of the ZGR-UPV professorship

At the ZGR Corporación, as a technologically based company and leader in power electronics for three decades, our connection with the University, technology centres and research environments is essential. Thus, the importance that the ZGR-UPV Professorship has for us.

Our commitment to innovation is nurtured by cooperation with the entire science-company-society ecosystem. This is why we want to share this article that has been published in the Las Provincias newspaper on the ZGR Professorship at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

ZGR-UPV professorship, of interest to engineering studens

A Professorship created to promote research, training and technological development in this discipline with engineering students, which brings ZGR’s technological innovation environment to the University.

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Cátedra ZGR-UPV - Noticia Las Provincias - ZGR-UPV professorship

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