Stand de ZGR Corporación en GENERA

ZGR will be present at the world´s leading exhibition in the solar industry-Intersolar- to introduce their newest technologies in PV solar inverters and bess solutions

ZGR Will be exhibiting at Pavilion B3 Stand 133


  • ZGR is leader in PV & BESS modular solutions technology; ZGR products and solutions improve PV Power Plants productivity and maximize their profitability.
  • ZGR will introduce at Intersolar their new series of 1500 V PV Central Inverters with modular, redundant and scalable topology and one of the highest power density in PV Inverters Market . These CTR Series Inverters which will be launched on the market in 2023.
  • ZGR is European manufacturer for 1500 V multi MPPT PV String Inverters (mainly use in PV Utility Scale Projects and Industrial PV Installations). ZGR experts will be showing these devices at Intersolar B3.133 booth so visitors can take a look and know / discuss about them.


Vitoria/Madrid/Valencia, 10th May 2022.- ZGR CORPORACIÓN Will be at INTERSOLAR EUROPE 2022 to show their new Solar Inverters and Storage Solutions. It is first time this Spanish manufacturer, which is leader in power electronics modular technology and European manufacturer for 1500 V multi MPPT PV String inverters, attends the World’s leading event of the Solar Energy Sector.

ZGR will be exhibiting at Stand 133 in Pavilion B3. ZGR presents its recently released 2022 Energy catalogue with new products and solutions updating; ZGR experts will also be present to explain innovations at the newest CTR Series – 1500 V PV Central Inverters with modular, redundant and scalable topology.  These new PV & Storage Inverters will be released on the market in 2023.

One of the latest products developments which visitors can see at ZGR booth, as from tomorrow, its 1500 V SOLAR PV Inverters STR 200/250 Series; these Inverters are focus on giving the best solutions for decentralized solar plants located in  difficult topology environments (such as terrace hills, mountains…), PV floating Plants and Agrivoltaic Plants. These inverters offer high energy efficiency ( greater that 98%) and are suitable for medium-large plants.

These devices are easy-to-use conception and have been designed to cover the needs of Grid-tie PV Solar Generation Plants. The inverters are equipped with LED indicators to make user management becoming easier. The new range of 1500 V String Inverters by ZGR which will be shown at Intersolar work with full load DC input voltage range between 880 to 1300 Vdc and IP 66 degree protection.

 Advanced storage systems, a solution for industry

In advanced energy storage systems, ZGR comes to Intersolar with PCS GRID Storage Inverter, a bidirectional three-phase 300 kVA inverter mainly used for advanced storage systems. It is scalable, and highly recommended for PV & BESS hybridization systems.

PCS GRID object is to convert the energy of the network to store it in batteries and return it when there is energy demand. This system enables RES integration and allows reducing investments in networks in case of network stability improvement or growing demand being needed. All of these features make PCS GRID an ideal solution for energy repowering in industries with built-in solar plants or PV Mini-Grid use cases.

It offers network operators and other system agents a comprehensive tool for more flexible energy distribution, by regulating power, voltage and frequency, ensuring grid availability; It also has a Black-Start function, increasing the manageability of energy within the installation.

1500 V PV Central Inverter with modular, redundant and scalable topology , one of the highest densities on the market

The company will also present its newest 1500 V PV Central Inverter, with modular, redundant and scalable topology, with one of the highest power densities on the PV Inverters market, designed to be a comprehensive solution for large utility scale photovoltaic plants.

This inverter supplies 3.25 MW in six power blocks of 530 KW each. Being distributed in redundant power stacks, OPEX is minimized, production is maximized, and the performance of the inverter is significantly improved. The equipment also includes Full Skid MV PS solution that reaches 6.6 MW. It has AFCI Protection (“Arc Fault” protection). The electrical connection in the inverters is controlled via sine waves. This turnkey solution is supplied pre-wired as a plug & play product.

Maximum productivity, maximum safety, prepared for extreme environmental conditions and with a 15-year warranty of use, the CTR3250 1500 V PV Central inverter Series is definitely  one of the most interesting newest PV & Storage Products by ZGR, being a solution specially designed to improve the profitability of PV Utility Scale projects.

Solutions for residential self-consumption

ZGR SOLAR STR 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Single-Phase String Inverters range is made up of easy-to-use devices. These devices have been designed to meet the need of residential network connection installations, with extremely low noise level and high power efficiency.

ZGR SOLAR STR 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 THREE-PHASE STRING INVERTERS are also outstanding. These inverters offer a high energy efficiency: greater than 98 percent. 

In addition, ZGR presents the ZGR PPC as a newest development. This tool is used to regulate and manage the energy of large photovoltaic and hybrid installations. ZGR’s self-consumption solar kit offers monitoring and no-discharge of photovoltaic installations.

At a critical moment in the energy transition in Europe, ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN increases its commitment to photovoltaics and completes its range of solutions for all sizes and needs.

The leader in power electronics brings its know-how and experience and achieves the highest performance on the market. The company, with a high technological component, constantly explores new solutions that solve the need to improve efficiency to address the energy challenge.

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