Video ZGR: “Your energy is our challenge”

We are proud to share our new corporate video, which reflects what ZGR it is today. We are a business group specialized in the desing, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of solutions for the comprenhensive managemente os electrical energy.

Manufacturers since 1998, we are an international benchcark in power electronics. We invite you to watch our video to learn more about us.

From our headquarters in Vitoria we work on five continents, with centers in Madrid and Valencia, as well as our own delegations in Mexico and Colombia.

We are an essential Company for daily operation of other companies. We provide specialized solutions for the generation, transmisión, distribution, energy consumption and maintenance of electrical installations.

We guaranteee the quality of electrical energy management, profitable throughout the value chain. We Facilitate the use of clean and sustainable energies. From our work we built the energy of the future. At ZGR, your energy is our challenge.


As a business group, we specialized in:

  • Development of safe power supplies for distribution networks in general, but prepared for the transition to newer inteligent distribution networks.
  • Systems than guarantee the quality of electricity supply to customers.
  • BESS are capable to support energy production systems and are able to be used as grid regulation service.
  • And Solar Energy conversions systems, that allow its injection into the distribution network, and also direct self-consumption by the consumers.

In general, any process of converting electrical energy to improve its quality, efficiency and availability in consumpltion and enable new applications.

We maintain a commitment to innovation and allocate more than 10% of the anual turnover to the technological development. In the last two decades we have managed more than 1000 projects in cooperation with our clients. We accumulate more tahn 1000 MW installed.

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