New Collectivie Agreement Between workers and ZGR

New Collective Agreement between workers and ZGR 2023-2025

The management and staff of ZGR Corporación have approved the New Company Framework Agreement, which will last for three years (2023-2025) and will provide the company with employment stability at a time of growth and expansion.

The new ZGR Corporación Company Framework Agreement has been endorsed at the General Assembly by the company’s staff and represents further progress along the lines that have been worked on in recent years.

The new Framework Agreement presents improvements in different aspects, such as teleworking in the area of flexibility and family conciliation; equal the married couples to common law couples, who will be able to enjoy 17 calendar days of leave as well as marriage leave. Leave is also extended in the event of illness or death of family members without blood relationship and up to the third degree of blood relationship.

The new agreement includes wage increases above the sectoral agreement. In the area of training, the training plan for professional training is regulated, and a training plan for internal promotion is also added.

The company’s staff are also committed to the project, linking their remuneration to the company’s results, taking part of the pillars on which, the medium-term growth project is based.

The new framework agreement, which runs from 1 January to 31 December 2025, has been positively assessed by all parties and provides stability to the company at a time of growth and expansion. In its 2023-2025 strategic plan, the company expects to multiply its turnover by more than five times in this period, mainly due to the strong growth of the solar business and the new markets that ZGR will enter in the coming years. It also plans to increase its workforce by more than 250 people.

ZGR Corporation is a dynamic business group that generates professional, ethical and social development opportunities. It promotes stable employment and quality of life for all the people taking part of the company. ZGR’s people policy is based on three main principles:

  • Freedom as a gear for creativity and innovation.
  • Teamwork as a gear for efficiency and growth.
  • Spirit of service as a gear for success.

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