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Forbes Mexico: ZGR aims to boost its growth in Mexico with cutting-edge technology

Forbes Mexico interviews ZGR: Here are some of the issues raised by the CEO of ZGR Corporación, Íñigo Segura, in his interview with Forbes Mexico. As a central theme, the media highlighted how ZGR México seeks to consolidate its presence in Mexico and is committed to increasing this growth through the supply of increasingly sophisticated products, in order to contribute to the development of the electricity sector and improve the quality of the country’s electricity grid.

ZGR México is committed to becoming an allied partner for Mexico´s electricity transmission and distribution networks sector

For Iñigo Segura, CEO of the company, it is important to bring innovation to all regions where support for the development of the energy sector is required. Therefore, recognizing the needs of the electricity sector in Mexico, as well as its potential as a first level industrial country, he considers that its industries can be more competitive with the technology solutions Zigor develops, as the network can be improved without major investment.

ZGR Mexico: Opportunities for collaboration with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)

ZGR as part of its commitment to Mexico and relying on its capacity to supply equipment and technology to improve the network, seeks to generate opportunities for collaboration with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to help ensure and make energy supply more efficient.

“It is a matter of being there, explaining, presenting and teaching, it is possible that you can even do some pilot where we put the investment and show that really our equipment will help CFE a lot to reduce the financial need to stabilize the network”, Segura noted.

It also believes that it can contribute to the development of the country with smart grid equipment that can adapt to new consumption models and large energy storage through its lithium battery solutions that bring stability to the grid.

In this sense, storage for network regulation is a trend that ZGR began in 2016 and since then until now has seen that the market has grown and above all, the price of batteries has fallen.

“It reached a point where it has reached the price necessary for a battery-based regulation system to be profitable,” Segura said during an interview with Forbes Mexico, and where he had the opportunity to share how he hopes to support the industry through a direct collaboration channel.


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