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ZGR, leading as supplier of thyristor chargers to electricity distributors in 2022

Supplier of thyristor chargers:  At ZGR Corporación we are permanently contributing to the modernization and automatization of grids, developing safe power supply solutions in DC and AC.

Our extensive experience in #powerelectronics systems has enabled us to create the #design of a range of #rectifiers-#chargers that are easily customizable and very well received in the market.

In 2022 we are the leading supplier of #thyristor chargers to electricity distributors, with more than 70% growth in demand for equipment.

22 years among the most demanded solutions in the market, thanks to continuous innovation and the most advanced technology.


MIT High reliability charger rectificier

Supplier of thyristor chargers

The ZGR MIT NG range is made up of battery rectifier-chargers with conventional thyristor technology, controlled by microprocessor, in single-phase and three-phase product versions.

ZGR has combined the proven reliability of the thyristor technology with the functionalities of  microelectronics.

If you want to know more about its functionalities, we encourage you to consult our catalogue.

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