Iñigo Segura, CEO de ZGR Corporación

Energy efficiency and stability, the critical elements for the electricity grid of the future

InnovaSpain interviews the CEO of ZGR Corporación, Íñigo Segura, who discusses the critical issues that are shaping the electricity grid of the future: Cybersecurity, digitalization, energy efficiency, connectivity… here is a summary of the topics covered.


The energy transition is one of the critical issues for progress towards the society of the future, decarbonization and economic and social progress. For Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR Corporación, the energy transition has a decisive impact on industry, and it is necessary to take decisive steps in energy efficiency and grid stability.

“The electricity system in the industry is very complicated and changes have to be made to improve efficiency and stability, i.e. to guarantee a quality supply,” Segura points out. He adds: “The internal grid in industry is complex because it is based on a very old structure and has grown, in general, by patching. As technology evolves very quickly, the industry is not keeping up with the rhythm”.

Therefore, “the key is efficiency, rather than growth and electrification; there is a lot to be done in infrastructure and network quality,” he explains.

For Íñigo Segura: “If someone is thinking: I want to consume more, but my network is too weak, it is not prepared for these peaks in demand, there are solutions and storage allows us to address this challenge”.

almacenamiento y fotovoltaica para dotar de estabilidad la generación de energía para la red eléctrica / EN Storage and photovoltaics to provide stability to energy generation for the electricity grid

ZGR´s biggest commitment to robust, flexible and efficient energy storage solutions for grid stability

Throughout the interview, Íñigo Segura reveals one of ZGR’s most important bets, to face electricity demand “This year we have bid for more than €150 million in storage projects,” he says.

Smart Grid, DC and strategic decisions

At one point in the interview with InnovaSpain, the CEO of ZGR raises the crucial question of who will be responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the electricity grid: the industry with renewable generation and local storage or the distributors with substation systems? Furthermore, he suggests the need for DC lines to accommodate the growing presence of photovoltaics and increasing power demands.

Connectivity and cybersecurity in the digital transformation of electricity grids

ZGR anticipates the challenge of connectivity, highlighting the importance of communication between the different actors in the energy value chain. But as energy and data become intertwined, a new challenge arises: cybersecurity in the electricity grid. ZGR Corporation is therefore developing solutions that incorporate greater communication and address the associated risks.

In the words of Íñigo Segura: “Distributors such as Iberdrola or Naturgy are asking us for more and more communication and connectivity. We are developing a new power supply for Iberdrola’s substations that involves much more communication than before. And here a new problem arises, the cybersecurity.

ZGR is a pioneer in the development of cybersecurity solutions and is working on various technological development projects in this field.

Íñigo Segura: “More than growth and electrification, there is much to be done in terms of infrastructure and network quality”.

Renewable hydrogen to boost electrification: The electrolyser project

The CEO of ZGR also highlighted how the company is involved in a major R&D project to develop an electrolyzer with 100% Spanish technology.

The corresponding PERTE has already been approved and we are already working on it,” says Íñigo Segura. It is a long-term project, lasting years, because first we will go from a small 30 kW converter to a 100 kW converter, until we reach the large electrolyser. A large company has asked us to design and also to manufacture electrolyzers under its own brand name.

“The client the project proposed an estimated annual production of 280 megawatts for the next two or three years. In other words, the companies are already making a projection of a real market and with very specific data,” the CEO of ZGR told InnovaSpain.

As a technology company whose solutions are based on proprietary design and innovation, ZGR Corporation is a key player in shaping the electricity grid of the future, leading the way in energy efficiency, grid quality and stability, storage and photovoltaic generation.

The interview with Íñigo Segura, CEO of ZGR, offers a clear vision of the challenges and solutions that mark the path towards a more stable and sustainable electricity grid, which will drive the energy transition. We encourage you to read it on the InnovaSpain portal.


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